Books of 2022: do not miss these new readings

Among the cultural novelties of 2022 are these 5 books that will be published during the year and you can't stop reading.

'Violeta', 'To Paradise' and 'Gwendy's Final Task'

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If 2021 was marked by great works of literature, this year things will go much better for the most fanatical of reading. And it is that in the coming months we will witness large publications with the signature of recognized authors. If one of your purposes is to read more, here we recommend 5 great books of 2022 that are emerging as the most anticipated of the year.

1. Violet, by Isabel Allende

As many know, this Chilean writer is one of the great references of Latin American literature, to the point of being the best-selling author in the Spanish language and, in addition, the winner of more than sixty international awards. Since last January 25, the most recent work by Allende entitled "Violeta" is already available.

On this occasion, the author narrates an epic journey through the eyes of Violeta, a woman born in 1920. From her birth, she will be marked by extraordinary events ranging from the Spanish flu to the current Covid pandemic. Despite his turbulent life, his story will have passages full of humor and passion.

2. Oh William by Elizabeth Strout

For experts on the subject, this is one of the most anticipated books of 2022. The American novelist, author of great works, and winner of the Pulitzer Prize will bring us back her iconic character Lucy Barton with a story that mixes beauty and the pain of life.

Here we will see the facet of confidence and support of Lucy with her ex-husband William, who is not having a good time. And it is that endless feelings will cover them both when they decide to make a trip that will change everything. This book grabs readers, making them reflect on their existence and how long a marriage bond can last, even when it's over.

3. To Paradise, by Hanya Yanagihara

For these unconventional times, there is nothing better than an unconventional book. It is expected that during May the American writer will publish her third novel, which is emerging as one of the most powerful and dystopian of 2022. It will surely provoke an extraordinary fascination for its plot.

The work presents three stories in different times that will be able to converge in a novel where love seems impossible. In 1893 we will see an alternative version of an America where homosexual marriage is possible, in 1993 a young man lives with his partner and hides a childhood problem from him, while in 2093 a woman will try to solve a mystery in a devastated world by pests.

4. The Long Knives, by Irvine Welsh

Recognized for his novel "Trainspotting", the acclaimed Scottish writer will return in style with a work full of mystery and, in addition, with the irony of effervescent prose that only he can offer. If you are one of those who enjoy Welsh's books, his new work will go on sale on August 25, which will surely mark a before and after in 2022 for fans.

Here we will see detective Ray Lennox in action who will try to unravel the truth about the murder of a vile, racist and corrupt person, with a long list of enemies. Despite all the mystery surrounding such a situation, Ray must put aside his personal feelings to deduce who the victims are.

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5. Gwendy's Final Task, by Stephen King and Richard Chizmar

Terror will also have its share of prominence in 2022 thanks to two masters of the genre. King and Chizmar join forces to bring us a disturbing story with an atmosphere full of mystery and uneasiness like the ones we are used to. It is worth mentioning that this work went on sale last February 15.

The plot introduces us to Gwendy, a 12-year-old girl who was given a mysterious box to keep it in, with the detail that when you press any of its buttons, death and destruction would be present. Years later, a successful Gwendy in her working life, will be forced to deal with the dangers that such an artifact represents.

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