Caribbean braids: styles you should know

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With or without extensions, colorful or uncolored, braids are a perfect ally for summer to give your hair a rest and protection

Caribbean braids: styles you should know

The Caribbean or African braids, known in English as "box braids", were fashionable in the nineties because they are perfect for protecting Afro hair. However, they go beyond that, according to the Get the look portal, the braids are perfect for any type of hair since not only can your style vary, but they are the ideal option to give you a break from the damage caused by the different chemicals, the environment, the iron and more.

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They range from extra-long to more moderate styles, as well as colorful or unicolor. The world of braids has a little for every taste and need, you just have to know what it offers to choose the one that best suits you.

Celebrities such as Zoë Kravitz, Zendaya and Solange Knowles have chosen to use them and give more style to their look. For 2019, this trend comes more strongly and here we present the different types of braids, according to Cosmopolitan, to see which you dare to use:


Micro braids

The finest version of the Caribbean braids, usually long and made of 3 strips. They are thinner than the thickness of a pencil and are used loose, they can be made with extensions or only natural hair. They have been worn by celebrities like Nicki Minaj. Of course, it takes a lot of time to weave them, so we recommend doing it when you have several hours available.


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Like microbraids, they are thin braids. In this case, a large percentage of the hair is braided, leaving loose from means or tips. Due to its characteristics, to make them look better, it is advisable to use them only with natural hair, without the use of extensions. They have been used by Zoë Kravitz.


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They are braids of 3 strips that are made stuck to the scalp, depending on the style you are looking for, they can be done in all the hair or only in one part of the head. In addition, you can make different designs in the braid to give more personality.


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Marley Twist

While it is not a braid itself, since only 2 strips of hair are used in each, this twist is usually used very long and thin. The strand can be made so loosely to give it a more natural look.


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Faux Locs – Goddess locs

Like the Marley Twist, it is not exactly a braid, but unlike this one, the hair is turned from roots to ends. In some cases, it is intended to give the hair a wave aspect, which is known as goddess locs.


Box Braids

Perhaps the most common style of braids. They are made with 3 strips and the name comes from giving a look of pictures on the scalp. They can be thick, called jumbo, or thin.


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What other styles can I use?

Depending on your taste or the style you want to achieve, you can mix the different types of braids to make it more daring. Also, play with the long and make a resemblance to different haircuts.


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And, the most popular currently, is to play with colors and accessories to give even more style.



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To wear braids with style, the most important thing is the attitude and care you give them, according to experts' recommendations, the thicker the braid, the more protected your hair will be. What kind of braids do you dare to wear?


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Translated from "Trenzas caribeñas: estilos que debes conocer"

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