“Cracker Island”: Bad Bunny Arrives on the New Gorillaz Album

New Gorillaz and Bad Bunny album

Photo: Gorillaz, Bad Bunny

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The English alternative music group Damon Albarn has released their new album with multiple collaborations that make up a colorful collection of tracks, including "Storm" with Bad Bunny. This is the new "Gorillaz".

The eighth project from the group of animated characters, Gorillaz, was released on February 24. This is presented as a solid and fresh album with ten songs in its standard edition and fifteen in the deluxe version. To enrich the new production by the British Damon Albarn, he has been accompanied on multiple tracks by other renowned musicians, including perhaps the greatest artist of today: Bad Bunny.

A Deeper Perspective

The virtual band has focused throughout its history on expressing in its songs its perspective on the various problems that the world is going through as a sociocultural opinion. It is worth noting the approach given to the award-winning "Plastic Beach," published in 2010, with a critical look at consumerism and superficiality that was the source of inspiration for the album that is among the favorites of the group's followers.

In the new project, Albarn set out to boldly expose the dangers humanity faces when their virtual and physical lives begin to blend. However, the Briton who "incarnates" the 2-D character manifests in multiple songs like "Oil" the extreme fatigue and wear and tear that modern life entails. The final track on the standard version, "Possession Island," concludes wistfully in a duet between Albarn and Beck in what could be called an ambiguous ending where hope and sadness mix.

Gorillaz and Reggaeton by Bad Bunny

The mix between reggaeton and pop is a charming musical production. The Puerto Rican stands out for many tracks before concluding with a psychedelic outro in which Albarn takes over the tropical melody. Near the album's end, Gorillaz collaborates with the musical phenomenon of the moment, the Puerto Rican Bad Bunny. The title is appropriate for the effect that this theme causes: a "Storm."

Albarn previously mentioned that "Tormenta" was the first song recorded for the album and couldn't help but rave about the award-winning Latino artist. Although the theme does not manage to be the project's main attraction compared to others like "Silent Running" and "New Gold," it is an excellent way to unite the best English pop with the best Latin urban style.

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The Influence of Latin Music on Anglo-Saxon Artists

Both Latin and Anglo-Saxon music shine with their light when the artists produce songs that are well-received commercially. It is a foolproof formula when the best of both worlds is in liaison on the same track.

In recent years, Latin music has broadened its horizons, main thanks to exponents of the urban genre that have influenced Anglo-Saxon artists with their melodies and a new way to express their lyrics in another language. The collaboration between Bad Bunny and Gorillaz is one of the most ambitious in recent history. Still, there is a collection of collaborations between leading music artists in Spanish and English. This formula has allowed music stars like Billie Eilish, Sia, Bon Jovi, and Drake, among others, to have triumphed with songs performed with some lines in Spanish. In addition, they have accompanied other artists in surprising collaborations, allowing them to expand their horizons by experimenting with different genres, mainly reggaeton.

Previously, the alliance between Shakira and Rihanna for "Can't Remember To Forget You" was a mixture that pleasantly impacted the musical world since it brought together two of the biggest pop stars in their respective languages. Perhaps this was a cornerstone for these connections between Anglo and Latin music to become more prevalent later.

The urban genre opened the door for other artists who stand out in English to reap new successes in another language. The collaboration between Drake and Bad Bunny in "Mía" stands out, with two heavyweight artists on a track that allowed both to stand out exceptionally in a rhythm with Latin overtones. On this topic, the Canadian even rapped a few lines in Spanish. Added to this are J Balvin's meetings with artists such as Beyoncé and French Montana, in which similar genres such as reggaeton and hip-hop are associated and in which fascinating and captivating rhythms are abundant.

Another vital element in these collaborations has been the contribution of Rosalía, who, despite not being Latina, has strong roots in the Latino genre in her recordings that have allowed her to stand out in the industry. For this reason, he has collaborated with artists such as The Weeknd and Billie Eilish and has even inspired them to sing in Spanish.

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