Daniel Barahona Author of “Live Before Dying”

Daniel Barahona began to write and never stopped, that is how at the age of 13 he wrote his first book: “The True Success: Be a better version of yourself”.


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He defines himself as someone special since his birth because despite belonging to the "millennials" he came into the world assisted by a midwife in a pool with warm water, in a remote place in the mountains of Costa Rica

During the first two weeks, his parents thought that he had hearing problems, as no sound disturbed him.

He considers that his name also gave him unique characteristics since his parents could not agree, they called him in many ways and when he was two months old it was his brother David (6 years old) who joined the initials of his own name, with the ending of the name of his other brother, Gabriel (5 years old), he called DA –N – IEL. The N stands for "and".

From his early childhood, he carried out many activities: magician, clown, soccer player, blogger, content creator, artist, YouTuber, etc.

His personality, and the fact that his parents did not practice classic professions, but rather practiced alternative disciplines, made him feel different from other children, in fact, he suffered bullying at school, which affected him in different ways. He decided to react and went from feeling harassed to being bullied, which did not change his sense of not belonging, so in 2018 he left school and began to travel the world with his father. Juan Pablo Barahona, holistic yoga teacher, and trainer, healer, transformational leader, and speaker.

He participated in courses, workshops, and a whole series of events, which allowed him to learn various disciplines and meet many people.

He started posting motivational content, which caused him to be bullied again by his former classmates.

He wrote his experiences, his goals, and his projects, in a kind of diary, but he did not find any sense in that purpose, so he ended up boxing up a notebook and a pencil. Months later, he felt a deep inspiration, he began to write and never stopped, that is how at the age of 13 he wrote his first book: “The True Success: Be a better version of yourself”.

In the book he talks about introspection and spiritual growth, developing themes such as comparison, insecurity, self-esteem, happiness, and fear.

On launch day it was positioned as the best seller on Amazon.

His family is committed to spiritual growth, the development of consciousness, and comprehensive healing. His grandparents, uncles, siblings, and parents are artists, speakers, teachers, and coaches. His grandfather Javier Francisco Ortiz was the first person to introduce yoga in Costa Rica.

That did not prevent him from feeling lonely, depressed, and unmotivated at the age of 14.

It was when he turned 16 and began to interact with boys like him that he began to fully enjoy what he had learned.

He considers that his most enriching experience has been his second book: "You are who you think you are", because as he narrates, what we see as our reality is not such, we are not our body, our opinions, reactions, or emotions. , we are only what we believe, attract and feel, it is we ourselves who consciously or unconsciously choose the course of our own life.

Daniel sings and plays percussion, guitar, and piano.

He declares that lyrics and lyrics unconsciously stimulate a person's emotionality.

In 2020 he composed “Libre soñar”.

His purpose is to teach others introspection and get out of the comfort zone, he is committed to learning, evolving, transforming and living fully.

He wants to inspire the new generations (Z) to take care of themselves and be the best version of him.

In 2021 he founded Rise Now Media, a branding and marketing agency.

He has just released his third book "Live Before You Die".

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Daniel is a motivational speaker, musician, "Z" leader, entrepreneur, writer, content creator, certified in Yoga, Quantum Flow, Wild Leadership and Coach.


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