“De todas las flores” by Natalia Lafourcade: A pact with oneself

In the midst of the melancholy and loneliness that Natalia experienced during the pandemic at her home in Veracruz, Mexico, the artist was composing the 12 songs that make up the new album called "De Todas Las Flores".

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The process of creating this new musical proposal has been very different from that of the other albums. Well, Natalia developed it at a very calm pace, while she practiced contemporary dance, made clay pieces, and listened to vinyl records. This is how she was creating a garden of emotions that speak of the pain and restoration that the composer has suffered with herself: “I feel that I needed to make music that would help me heal emotions. This record has that, it's very personal, very naked, very raw." the singer stated.

In addition, he sought the collaboration of Franco-Mexican musician and producer Adán Jodorowsky. And that was how Natalia and Adán would send each other voice messages for a year and a half to share the sensations and thoughts that helped create the album “De Todas Las Flores”. In which fundamental themes of human existence flourish: such as loneliness, love, and heartbreak.

Likewise, sensations that commemorate the earth, nature, acceptance, ancestral magic, and femininity sprout from this new album. The typical essence of the artist Natalia Lafourcade helped her reconnect with her greatest passion, music. “What I felt is that at that moment I was managing to connect with my internal medicine. It felt like my intuition was waking up because I was working with the record again. Looking for the songs I was already connecting with the music again.

This was how the album “De Todas Las Flores” was released to the public on October 28; It went through several cities for its recording and mastering. Well, the first part was recorded in the "Sonic Ranch" studio in Texas directly on tape, with very few rehearsals and with the help of a metronome. The second part was recorded in the city of Veracruz and for its mix, the compositions traveled to Paris earlier this year. Giving it a vibrant, melancholic, and very natural result. In which the most intimate of the soul of the Mexican artist is reflected.

Well, each song on the new album tells a period in Natalia's life. Like the song "Pasan Los días", an overwhelming song that talks about the pain that the artist suffered when saying goodbye to love. “It is a dramatic song that heals the heart. When you see that you can't be with a person you love anymore and then you have to let go and say goodbye. That's a true display of love." affirmed the singer-songwriter.

Or in the case of the song "De Todas Las Flores", which tells of the harmony and decay he experienced in one of his love relationships. Well, at the beginning it was very passionate, but over time it withered until it became a very toxic love. “It is a song that talks about a relationship that begins with a lot of love, and a lot of passion, but time passes and it is more difficult to love the other person, becoming a very toxic relationship. Then he talks about that garden that withers and becomes abandoned, where you get lost and everything looks withered. Until we decided to leave.

It is in this way that each song is born from his inner darkness, in which he managed to find a flower until it sowed and his garden of the soul. That was how the penultimate song “Vine Solita” was born. Which has a very strong and passionate message of restoration and self-love. “To get out of there, the process leads you to the understanding that love has to be self-love and the pact has to be with oneself. Where I understand that I come to this world alone and I leave alone”.

In addition, not only these incredible melodies were born from this sincere and transparent album, but in the company of the composer Adán and other relatives of Natalia, they decided to create 12 chapters of podcasts that narrate step by step the creation of this new album, which is already available on the Spotify platform.

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