Disney Play: Netflix’s new competitor

Here you will find all about the new streaming platform of the animation giant that will be available in 2019

Disney Play: Netflix's new competitor

By 2019, Disney plans to present its streaming video service that some have begun calling Disneyflix for its style similar to Netflix. This platform will have a monthly subscription system and a content distribution that, in addition to series and films, could include transmissions of sporting events.

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Few official details have been known about this ongoing project. However, the new service would be known by the name Disney Play and would have a lower subscription cost than Netflix, because initially would have little content. This was explained by Disney CEO Robert Iger, according to Variety.

Since its initial announcement in August 2017, Disney has already signed agreements and acquisitions with ESPN and Hulu. While these services would be available on the Disney Play platform, users may pay separately to purchase just one of the streamings or take a general package with discounts not yet established, according to Iger.

As mentioned by the CEO, the priority of this streaming platform is to attract Disney fans. Therefore, here you will find classic films and premieres, such as the new Dumbo and Avengers movie. However, the platform is expected to include films made especially for the streaming service, including the remake of Lady and the Tramp and Noelle.

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Quality versus quantity

According to statements delivered to The New York Times by the marketing president of Disney, Ricky Strauss, "quality will be fundamental" in the new service of the entertainment giant. Therefore, it is intended to bring to the platform a live-action series of Start Wars directed by Jon Favreau, the director behind Iron Man and The Jungle Book, for which an estimated cost of 100 million dollars is estimated for 10 episodes.

X-Men, Deadpool and The Fantastic Four will also be included in the Disney label. However, due to the prior sale of Star Wars rights, movies released before 2019 will not be included in the Disney streaming service.


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In the urgency of conquering audiences

The skyrocketing number of people each year suspending cable or satellite services has led companies like Disney to rethink their structures and replicate success stories such as Netflix. In a report by the eMarketer research firm it is estimated that, in the United States alone, 33 million people cancel their conventional television services to replace them with streaming platforms, a figure that would represent 32.8% with respect to 2017.

According to data from Statista, the most popular streaming company so far has 125 million users globally. If you compare the figure with a country, it would be almost equal to the total population of Mexico. In addition, Netflix is ​​present in 190 nations and its enviable number of users add with their subscriptions the equivalent of 33 million dollars a day, an amount with which Disney clearly wants to compete.

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