Doja Cat and Her Powerful Approach to Feminine Sexuality

Doja Cat is the epitome of a vivacious, sex-positive, and empowered young woman. Incredibly, her lyrics about feminine sexuality reign above all qualities of her music.

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Doja Cat has received many awards throughout her career, including a Grammy Award, Guinness World Record, a Billboard Music Award, five American Music Awards, and three MTV Video Music Awards. She has even become the rapper with the most monthly listeners on Spotify and a household name for releasing smash after smash. Her song "Say So" from the "Hot Pink" album reached number one on the Billboard radio chart. Then, in 2021, the artist captivated the world with her charismatic charm and catchy beats with the release of her album "Planet Her," which became the highest-charting non-single, debuting at 24 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Doja Cat's music can be described as introspective, fun, sexy, celebratory, and sex-positive. Songs like "Need to Know" talk about how she imagines what sex would be like with the guy she likes. The track is purely about lust and the overpowering desire to have sex with the person she loves. Although it is common in the hip-hop world to have explicit lyrics, it's also true that it's not usual to have a mainstream female singer with such bravery to express herself.

The singer empowers other women to talk about their sexual desires openly and encourages them to guide their partners during intercourse through her music. However, Doja Cat has also shown how sweet and assertive women can be when falling in love. Another hit of her latest album is "Kiss Me More," featuring SZA. The song remains one of the strongest pop songs so far. With lyrics like "We hug and yes, we make love / And always just say "Goodnight" (la-la-la-la-la) / And we cuddle, sure, I do love it / But I need your lips on mine," Doja shows another side of her in which there are times where she would like to kiss her partner rather than having sex.

The way Doja explores femininity and promotes sex-positive talks, it's precious in a world where women, especially those under the spotlight, are judged for being honest about such topics.

Doja's fearless expression of female sexuality is a very needed addition to the world of music. Consequently, the authenticity of the artist and her quirkiness make everything she does refreshing. Through her lyrics, she also encourages men to understand better the importance of pleasing the women they love.


Although the rapper's lyrics may be relatively straightforward and crassly sexual at times, she doesn't take herself too seriously. From dressing out in ridiculous outfits to showing her bare face, Doja isn't concerned about what others think about her. She usually makes jokes and shares her unique sense of humor when talking with fans. But regarding her career, she is serious and hard working. As proof of it, Doja not only sings but also dances, raps, and entertains.

Fans admire her ability to adapt to any situation, evolve, and bring a new perspective to her art. It's safe to say that Doja promotes women's empowerment in a way that only a few have dared to do before.

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