Dr. Strange 2: the Most Original Movie of Marvel

The new film, directed by Sam Raimi, is a success for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We tell you what the strengths of "Dr. Strange 2" are .

Frame from the movie 'Dr. Strange 2 - Into the Multiverse of Madness'

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The arrival of Sam Raimi in the Marvel Cinematic Universe generated many expectations in the fans. First of all, because he is the emblematic director who was in charge of the original "Spider-Man trilogy", whose protagonist was Tobey Maguire. However, also because of his enormous film career in the horror genre.

After all, Raimi has been characterized by making "auteur cinema" films, where he knew how to impose his own aesthetics and directing style. For this reason, the fact of venturing into the MCU in the sequel to "Dr. Strange", which promised to have elements of this genre, greatly fueled the hype of the fans to learn more about this story.

Did it meet expectations? The answer is that, from the cinematographic quality and even the narrative, it has surpassed them. Next, we tell you why "Dr. Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness" can mean a before and after in what continues in this superhero franchise.

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The Great Successes of "Dr. Strange 2"

The first thing to note is that this film was loaded with speculation. After the fan service that "Spider-Man: No Way Home" meant and the fact of opening the doors of the multiverse, fans expected hundreds of cameos in what was supposed to be an "unprecedented" production in terms of easter eggs

While it is true that there is a good dose of this, "Dr. Strange" makes merits of its own without relying on the past. And it is that there the main virtue appears in the artistic direction of Sam Raimi since it is the most "independent" film of Marvel since it has its own distinctive identity.

Precisely, one of the first successes lies in how the story has been told. We are used to the fact that in Marvel the same formula always occurs: a protagonist emerges, in the middle of the film it is discovered who the villain is and then the superheroes manage to fight him.

Here we are already introduced to the villain from the first moment and even to new characters that will be important to the plot, such as América Chávez. This allows eliminating that structure so characteristic of Marvel, allowing a better development of characters, especially Wanda.

In this sense, this film not only seems to mean continuity for the story of the sorcerer starring Benedict Cumberbatch but also for the plot that we saw in "Wanda Vision", essential for this viewing. After all, the sorceress, now the Scarlet Witch, has a clear motivation to be the "enemy" of superheroes.

And therein lies one of its main successes, because at no time do we know which side to take. Once and for all, Wanda manages to exploit her acting ability and have a plot that makes her the true protagonist of this story, while Dr. Strange seems to have a role as a companion and vigilante who seeks balance in the world.

Well, in addition to this virtue of the script, the other great virtue lies in the personality of this film. For the first time, a Marvel film has different elements of "authorship". For example, some almost lysergic camera movements stand out, distortions typical of the multiverse, and even some winks at the viewer to break the fourth wall.

In the same way, although the film is not exactly horror, it is true that it has some scenes that generate a lot of suspense, fear, and even disgust, after some approaches to the “gore” genre. Of course, everything within what is supposed to be "allowed" for Marvel, but this step has been correct to allow greater freedom of direction.

Another very important point is the music, by Danny Elfman. The composer gives us melodies that perfectly accompany each scene. There is even a moment in which two characters fight through musical notes, generating an incredible artistic effect for those who can enjoy it in theaters.

And what about the "Multiverse"? Well, although it is true that the capacity that all these possibilities have in these different worlds is explored a little, the film did not need more either. That is to say, there is a scene in which what happens in the different realities is already shown and this gives us a glimpse of what can follow.

In conclusion, "Dr. Strange 2" is the most original Marvel movie. It is the first time that this company has dared to go one step further in the artistic exploration and inclusion of auteur film elements, with the aim of reinforcing the narrative and aesthetics of superhero stories. Now available in theaters!

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