Drew Barrymore, an Example of Resilience

Drew Barrymore laughing under the rain is one of the most viral videos this week.

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There are hand-pick cases of Hollywood stars who start very young and continue in the industry long time. Drew Barrymore is one of them and also one of the most loved. Millennials and centennials recognized her as the little girl who talks with E.T in 1982. After films like Charlie’s Angels and iconic ones such as 50 First Dates.

Drew Barrymore came from a family of actors and actresses. Since her early years as fourth, she debuts in commercials before her appearance at E.T . Same as Kevin McCallister, famous for Home Alone, or Mara Wilson for Matilda. These parents see an opportunity to take advantage and exploit their kids without thinking about the consequences in the future.

However, Barrymore doesn’t have innocent and good childhood she got a violent father and a carefree mother. Barrymore’s mother was happily talking in tv shows and interviews about hanging out at big parties with her little girl just thirteen years old at studios 64, or Chinatown in Hollywood. These excesses led to her very early exposure to drugs and alcohol and her mothers at this moment, decided to take her child to a rehabilitation clinic.

Same that McCallister or Jake Lloyd famous for Star Wars, fame meant a childhood rupture where she pass through moments to make older and mature before time.  Despite this, Drew did not give up and followed good doctor recommendations at the clinic and when she was fourteen she emancipated herself from her mom and continues her acting career. Different than another acting career to star too soon as Jake Lloyd or Olsen sisters.

As a woman, this actress has lived misogyny in Hollywood since she start her body was sexualized and she acted in several productions where her body brings more her acting until 1995 when she found her tv and films production company, Flower Films.

Flower films according to Deadline magazine have produced feature films, animated television, reality television, and scripted series that have earned over $2 billion worldwide.

So, although her career started with exploitation, she knew how to turn this situation around, create her own company and perform with the best actors and actresses in Hollywood. therefore, it is not surprising that she wants to heal her past and her childhood and now when she is 47 enjoys walking, screaming, and playing in the rain. She can now look at her as a little girl and hug herself.

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This video became viral not just because she represents, her successful career but because she is a symbol of resilience and how is important enjoy a life that would have been like kids. With acceptance.


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