Epa Colombia And Influencers In Politics

Epa Colombia Is A Recognized Public Figure On Social Networks And Has Been Involved In the Latest Relevant Political Affairs Of The Country.

'Epa Colombia' and Álvaro Uribe

The case of Daneidy Barrera Rojas, better known as Epa Colombia, is a perfect example of the relevance that an influencer can have in people’s lives and especially in the political decisions of many who follow her. Photo: IG-epa_colombia

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In recent years, social networks have earned an indisputable space in the lives of millions of citizens worldwide, they are increasingly used and consumed by people who see in these media the possibility of expressing their ideas or opinions, sharing moments, read about what interests them immediately and be able to communicate with human beings from different places at any time of the day, among many other possibilities.

But not only are they becoming powerful tools to keep in constant communication with others, but they are also becoming an instrument widely used by so-called "influencers", who are those who offer a product or promote content and who have a presence and credibility in social networks.

The case of Daneidy Barrera Rojas, better known as Epa Colombia, is a perfect example of the relevance that an influencer can have in people's lives and especially in the political decisions of many who follow her, because in more than one opportunity she has been involved in the last political events that have taken over the Colombian agenda without being part of the political class.

Who is Epa Colombia?

Epa Colombia is an influencer and businesswoman who a couple of years ago became known simply for recording a video on her social networks (she was not yet a recognized figure) where she encouraged the Colombian soccer team by shouting "eh , eh, Epa Colombia ". This post went viral thanks to being shared by renowned internet celebrity, "El Brayan." This marked a before and after in her life; she was recognized from that moment with the nickname "Epa Colombia".

Taking advantage of her moment of fame, she began to gain thousands of followers and was able to create her own brand of keratins. But her career exploded during the 2018 World Cup in Russia, where she was able to generate content and consolidate the idea of having a keratin venture that she maintains to this day.

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The meeting with Álvaro Uribe, her latest controversy

A meteoric irruption, but not without controversy, this is how the years of fame of the Colombian can be summarized. This is because in 2019, during the national strike in the country, Epa Colombia went out to demonstrate along with thousands of Colombians in the main streets of Bogotá. It was there that a video of her damaging a subway station became viral. Some people considered this an act of vandalism and as an incitement to violence that would lead her to be brought to justice later.

Lately, she has caused great controversy because in one of her latest publications she appears with the former president of Colombia, Álvaro Uribe Vélez, tasting some empanadas, talking about her company, and inviting people to buy her products. 

This has notoriously affected her Instagram since before sharing the video, she had just over 4.5 million followers, and the figure dropped to 4.4 million after posting the publication on its social network (losing about 100,000 followers). She also received criticism of various kinds from the people who follow her.


The role that influencers can play in politics

People who have a significant number of followers have demonstrated the ability to move masses, to provoke demonstrations, to empower a political position or a presidential candidate simply by sharing their preferences with their followers.

For example, in Chile, actors, actresses, influencers, and even athletes protested in the historic plebiscite held last year where the possibility of drafting a new constitution was discussed. 

In the case of Epa Colombia, she is not only offering a brand or a product, but also her image and the opinions she has on certain issues. These can influence, for better or for worse, the politics of a country without her being part of the political class directly.

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