Everything About Jennifer Lopez’s New Netflix Documentary “Halftime”

Halftime premiered on Netflix on June 8th, 2022. The documentary focuses on Jennifer Lopez's career, her rise to fame, how she has dealt with sexualization, and where she finds her strength.

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Jennifer Lopez and Shakira's performance at the 2020 Super Bowl halftime has been cataloged as one of the greatest of all time. They are both global superstars in their own right, which is why J.Lo wanted to make a documentary about how difficult and challenging it was to prepare for the performance.

"Halftime" premiered on Netflix on June 8th, 2022. The documentary focuses on Jennifer Lopez's career, her rise to fame, how she has dealt with sexualization, and where she finds her strength. Interestingly, Lopez concentrates on one topic: Women's empowerment. J.Lo worked as a producer and actress on "Hustlers," a movie about women with limited resources who dances for rich men to make money and support their families. Her character, Ramona, is a stripper turned entrepreneur who guides the other girls working in the same field and encourages them to take advantage of their feminity and sexuality.

As Jennifer Lopez grew up in the Bronx, she knew a lot of women who worked as strippers in real life. Through this movie, the singer shows the truth behind this work and the reasons that force many vulnerable women to become strippers. Thanks to this role, the artist was nominated for an Oscar.

In the documentary, J.Lo also shows how important her daughter Emme is to her and how much it meant that she shared her beautiful voice to send a peaceful message to the world. Lopez also took the opportunity to defend immigrants and the Latino community in the US. The singer didn't hesitate to speak up about the consequences of Donald Trump's infamous promise of building a wall on the US border with Mexico. In 2020, children were forced to separate from their families as their parents were deported.

Lopez wanted to bring awareness to this issue and decided to use as many cages as possible to make girls sing and dance in them during the Super Bowl. In a "subtle" way, the artist put a chorus of little girls, including her daughter, together and made them sing "Let's Get Loud." Another exciting revelation at the end of "Halftime" was a clip of J.Lo talking about how she teamed up with Grameen America to provide loans for Latina entrepreneurs.

The superstar gave a generous amount of $14 billion to help finance 600,000 Latina entrepreneurs. Lopez also launched Limitless Labs, a program aiming to provide Latina leaders with six million hours of financial training and education.


Finally, Shakira's impeccable and fantastic job at the Super Bowl is worth mentioning. The Colombian singer brought all the music genres of her home country to showcase the Latino community proudly. Through her amazing dance moves, beautiful voice, and enthusiastic energy, Shakira proved why she is one of the most successful singers in the world. Her performance with J.Lo also was very eye-catching and charismatic.

In "Halftime," Lopez said that making two artists share the stage was the worst idea. Although the media portrayed the singer's comment as an insult to Shakira, the truth is that Lopez only complained about the little time they had to perform their shows. Shakira and J.Lo are very professional in the documentary and seem to get along. One more time, both Latina artists have captivated the heart of viewers.

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