Everything we know about ‘Spencer’, the movie about Princess Diana

Here everything we know so far about this Pablo Larrraín production.

Diana of Wales and Kristen Stewart

The new Larraín film will star Kristen Stewart in the role of Diana of Wales. / Photos: Pixabay, flickr.com/gageskidmore

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'Spencer' will be the title of the feature film Pablo Larraín prepares about Princess Diana of Wales. This year Larraín was applauded for Ema, a film in which we see a woman argue and dance reggaeton with an open wound after a traumatic event. Before we have already recognized him for productions such as El club, No and Neruda, and he has been awarded by Jackie, the feature film about Jacqueline Kennedy. Now comes Spencer, another movie in which he will likely demonstrate his curiosity and admiration (and explore his fear) for powerful women.


What will Spencer be about?

The title is a gesture that already reveals what the director is interested in exploring: a Diana with her maiden name. She is not Princess Diana, nor Diana of Wales. Thus, the film will revolve around a weekend in the 1990s, in which Diana will decide to separate from Prince Charles. This is the last Christmas holidays that Diana spends with the Windsor House royal family at Sandringham Palace.

Diana Spencer married Prince Charles in 1981 and they had Princes William, today married to Kate Middleton, and Harry, today married to Meghan Markle and estranged from the royal family due to their resignation from their position in the Sussex house. This marriage between Diana and Carlos was recognized by their extra-marital love affairs and Diana was always recognized and admired for her charitable works but also for her rebellion against the rules imposed by royalty. They separated in 1992 and the divorce was official in 1996. Diana died in a traffic accident, of which there are many conspiracy theories, in 1997.

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Who will play her?

It has been confirmed that Kirsten Stewart will be in charge of impersonating Diana. This actress became famous for starring in the Twilight saga, but since then she has participated in independent and author movies, and has been noted for her serious and contained performances.

She won several awards for her performance in the movie Clouds of Sils Maria, in which she plays a young personal assistant to a famous actress who will be involved in the shooting of a film about herself. She has also been applauded for her characters in films such as Still Alice, Personal Shopper, and Into the Wild.

Stewart's choice to play Diana has caused different reactions, but what is certain is that Larraín's preference for actresses whose performances are solemn and whose expressions are contained and not too exposed can be seen. Such was the case of Natalie Portman for the role of Jackie Kennedy, whose interpretation explored the idea of being for others instead of being for herself, which is what, we can suspect, will also be explored in Spencer. The release date is still uncertain, but we can't wait.


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