Everything we know about the Batman, starring Robert Pattinson

The trailer for The Batman movie ignited fan fever. Let's see everything that is known to date .

Still from the trailer for the movie 'The Batman'.

We tell you all the details of the movie of the famous DC Comics character. / Photo: YT / Warner Bros. Pictures

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Recently, we saw the new trailer for The Batman, the new adaptation of the Gotham City vigilante, which will be played by actor Robert Pattinson. According to what the Meristation website mentions, DC Fandome left us an "unknown" version of the superhero, since we can see the darkest, most violent and vengeful Batman yet.

This film will be directed by Matt Reeves, and will try to replicate or increase the popularity of the trilogy by Cristopher Nolan. At first, the choice of the actor for this role had been controversial. That is, his figure was associated too much with the Twilight film saga, where he had not left a very convincing image.

However, everything changed when, according to what the Infobae website mentions, the protagonist of the previous trilogy, Christian Bale, "backed the choice of Robert Pattinson as the new Batman." Against this background, we decided to investigate all the details about what could be one of the most anticipated films of recent years, where many fans were already totally enthusiastic about these advances.

All the details of The Batman

The specialized Hypertextual website emphasized that Warner Bros shows us a "hero with a desire for revenge." That is, unlike the hero that Christian Bale embodies, here the thirst to kill seems to be much more associated with the character, unlike the sense of justice that characterizes the other incarnation.

This is why, at least during the first minutes of the announcement, it was possible to breathe a very dark police air. The El Día de La Plata website reported that this adaptation made clear the influence of the filmmaker David Fincher, due to the twist of intrigue that was seen in some of his works, as was the case with Se7en.

Against this background, everything seems to indicate that it will continue the same course as one of the most successful productions of recent years: Joker. That film, directed by Todd Phillips, showed that the supervillain and enemy of the batman also had motivations, that is, that he was not bad "just because."

Well, many people begin to wonder if it is possible that this character could somehow appear in this film. Faced with this situation, the website of La Tercera portrays that the "DC film multiverse" is about to be implemented, similar to that of Marvel, where there are different realities. In other words, the character of Robert Pattinson would be different from that of Joaquin Phoenix, although that would not mean that we cannot see them in any movie.

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However, we do have information about other characters. According to what the CNN website reports, we can see the flashes of the famous Catwoman, played by actress Zoë Kravitz. Also featured is the classic superhero sidekick, James Gordon, who is led by actor Jeffrey Wright… and we've got a new Batmobile too!

At the same time, from DC they announced that this film would be connected with other audiovisual products. Vandal's website mentions that the HBO Max television series Gotham PD will serve as a prequel to this story. 

As for the story, at the moment we only have the information that there is a "murderer" within the trailer. However, the HobbyConsolas website highlights that the villain of this installment will be the Penguin, where the actor Colin Farrell will try to stand out, with an "unrecognizable" physical appearance. Therefore, the heroe's detective ability will be put to the test once more.

For now, we will have to wait until the launch date, which is, according to El Comercio de Peru, October 1, 2021. However, it could be delayed even more due to the coronavirus, but of one thing we are sure: there is widespread enthusiasm for the return of Batman to the big screens.


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