Everything we know about the third season of ‘The House of Flowers’

A preview was released this week about what will be the third and last season.

Frame from the trailer for the series 'The Flower House 3'.

Find out the details of the last season of ‘La casa de las flores’. / Photo: youtube.com/netflix

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Netflix has already revealed a preview of what will be the third season of its Mexican success La casa de las Flores (The House of Flowers). It has also announced that it will be the final season of this story by the creator Manolo Caro.

Although the release date has not been announced on the streaming platform, with this trailer we can already infer several things that will change in the series. Here what we know and our predictions.


The first two seasons

The house of flowers was an immediate success when it came out in 2018 with its first season. It kept the Mexican soap operas in a mixture of parody and homage that made the characters the best cartoons of an ingenious and critical comedy.

This, in addition, accompanied by the best-known Mexico's songs, a mixture between high culture and popular culture, such as the nature of the De La Mora family, whose story tells the series. This first season was round and almost perfect, in addition to signifying the return of Mexican diva Verónica Castro to television in the role of a family matriarch.

Castro had to leave the project in the second season for personal reasons and then it was about the future of the family after the death of his character. The second season had a couple of good times and scenes, but it did not match the quality of the first and was a disappointment for many.

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What's coming

Now we can see in the trailer of the third season a total change of style, tone and, that is, the entire cast. It will be a leap into the past, it will be a kind of prequel in its final delivery. We see in advance three young people smoking pot and sending messages to themselves of the future.

Thus, we realize that it is Virginia de la Mora, the character that was previously Verónica Castro but will now be played by Isabel Blurr; Ernesto de La Mora, played by Tiago Correa; and Solomon, played by Javier Jattin. With this, a contrast is made between what they proposed as young people and what we already know will happen to them in their adulthood.

Thus, with a wardrobe and a style of the seventies, the house of flowers will return but this time it will not make us laugh. From what is seen in the trailer, the series will take the turn that many Netflix series have taken: the nostalgia of previous decades in its aesthetics and its history.

Thus, we can predict that perhaps he will somewhat abandon his telenovelas style to acquire one more in line with the rest of Netflix's productions, so perhaps we will see something closer to the production, for example, of Luis Miguel: series, which to a comedy and soap opera. Perhaps the comic is the contrast between the youth, who advance us open and relaxed, with the shortening of adulthood. The reader will be seen and judged.


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