“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” and 5 other Korean series to watch on Netflix

Netflix is betting squarely on Korean productions in the global market. A clear example occurs with "Extraordinary Attorney Woo". It is a series that tells the life of a lawyer who has an autistic spectrum, which is why she must face different challenges inside and outside the court.

Still from the series 'Woo, an extraordinary lawyer'

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The result? A complete success, because, despite being incomplete (there are still episodes to be released), it is first in the top 10 of the most played content. In this particular case, the story belongs to a genre that has become extremely popular and is known as k-drama.

This series manages to impact not only because of its history, but also because of its rhythm and its interpretations. The story keeps you hooked on the screen as there are no filler scenes or unimportant content. In addition, the performance of Park Eu Bin, the protagonist, is worthy of praise in the networks of Latin users.

Now, why do they have such an impact in Latin America? Well, for several reasons. A clear example is the rhythm, since these productions seek to generate a quick “hook”. In other words, the narrative structure of these series is designed to hook viewers from the first minute.

For this reason, from the beginning, a story that flirts between various genres, such as fantasy, romance or terror, is usually proposed. However, in most cases the predominant is the thriller. This is not only relevant for the structure of the series, but also for the subsequent phenomenon in social networks.

Korean productions fully target the public found on Twitter or Instagram, which brings with it productions from which memes can emerge. A clear case occurs with “Squid Game”, which was successful not only because of its story, but also because of all the feedback it received from the public.

Another important point has to do with the fandom. By having such an active audience on social networks, all the stories go beyond the screen and generate a community behind them. For this reason, it is common for fan clubs of certain actors or specific accounts to be created to discuss a series.

And we must also indicate a fundamental section: this kind of series usually has a single season of 16 episodes, 70 minutes each. This is done because it is a standard format for Korean television. Therefore, when viewers identify this structure, they quickly become friends with it.

Nor should we forget the chain effect, since Korean series have become a genre in themselves in Latin America. That is, when a new one comes out on Netflix, it is quickly referred to as the “new hit Korean series” or referred to as the “new 'Squid Game'-like story”.

This is something similar to what happens with the platform's Spanish productions, which are immediately related to hits like “ Money Heist", regardless of whether the genre is similar. After all, certain classic patterns and elements of the stories that are designed in these countries are recognized.

For this reason, if you have been left wanting more and want to discover other important Korean series, here are some very outstanding ones.

"Something in the rain"

It is a k-drama that allows you to know the differences that exist between South Korea and the rest of the countries. It is about a 40-year-old woman who must break with the status quo that exists in Korean society in order to overcome her fears and achieve happiness. Without a doubt, it will make you reflect.

"Love alarm"

Here, technology is part of the premise. Basically, it's a world where there's an app that lets people know if someone in their area is attracted to them. For this reason, Kim Jojo will find her first love and must go through different personal challenges.

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"The King: The Eternal Monarch"

It is a romantic series, but it has elements of the fantasy genre. It tells the life of Lee Lim, a Korean emperor who goes through a portal and arrives in a parallel world where he meets a police agent. Its strong point is mystery, but also human interaction.


Another of the series that has technology as an important element. Here we talk about the life of young entrepreneurs who want to turn their virtual dreams into real businesses. For this reason, they will have to carve out a niche and fight in the ever-competitive Korean market.

"Itaewon Class"

Finally, a series with a simple but effective proposal: it shows a group of misfits going through a story full of demonstrations of friendship, loyalty, and revenge. Without a doubt, you will end up empathizing with many of these characters, and you will not want it to end.

In short, we hope that all these series are to your liking!

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