Farruko And Other Musicians Who Went Religious

How has religion influenced different musical artists? Here we present the cases of Farruko and other musicians with great careers.


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Some will find it hard to believe, But music and religion have a very special connection. In fact, there is a genre as popular as it is controversial that many enjoy today does not escape these spiritual transformations, and we are talking about reggaeton. Several urban singers, especially Puerto Ricans, began to proclaim their deep belief in God. Farruko was the latest to be added to the list.

In recent days, Carlos Efrén Reyes Rosado, artistically known as Farruko, surprised his fans after apologizing for the lyrics of some of his songs and announcing his religious conversion during a concert in Miami. Of course, the news caused a great impact to the point that many of those present left the venue while others stayed to listen to what seemed to be a mass.

“God knows how many of his children I have hurt. And today I stand up like a man to tell them to forgive me as a human being because love begins with forgiveness», Farruko said in the middle of his presentation. Likewise, the artist began to share Bible verses while confirming his conversion to Christianity. Although he clarified that he is not extremely religious, he assured that from now on he will dedicate more time to preaching.

The truth of it all is that this will not be the last case of spiritual transformation in the music industry. Just like Farruko, many other artists who were at a great moment in their careers decided to turn to God. Given this, in LatinAmerican Post we put together a list with 5 other similar cases.

Bob Dylan

To speak of Bob Dylan is to speak of one of the most prolific and influential figures in the popular music of the 20th and early 21st centuries, and who is also a winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature. The American musician and composer enjoyed incredible fame during his youth full of the typical excesses of many celebrities. However, his life took an unexpected turn in the 1970s when he gave in to his Christian faith.

After a series of eventualities in his life, Bob became a born-again Christian and that led to the release of two albums of gospel music with a strong religious undertone. In the years that followed, the singer stopped performing his best-known songs on tour and began to make statements about his faith on stage, something that led to the total rejection of a sector of his audience.

Héctor «El Father»

If there is a reggaeton singer who managed to move the masses and influence the new urban generation of the 2000s, it was Héctor Delgado. Many will know him as the duo Héctor & Tito, and many others by his nickname “El Father”, but the truth of the matter is that after a life full of vices, conflicts, and links with drug trafficking, he tried to get the help of God.

The negative environment that he had generated around his person, not to mention the death threats, were constant in his day to day. But after a shootout in which he participated and for which he faced criminal charges, Héctor reflected on the dark course he was taking and left the stage. Now he has not only given himself to Christianity but also makes religious music and has inspired other artists to take the same path.

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Julio Voltio

A case similar to that of Héctor «El Father». Julio Ramos Filomeno’s life was linked to Héctor’s in almost every way, since they collaborated both inside and outside the recording studios. During his peak as a solo artist, Voltio was arrested by the police twice for drug possession, and in his own words he had a “pretty stressful lifestyle”.

It was in 2014 when the Puerto Rican completely abandoned his musical career, alleging that he was already tired and that he had been called by Christ on many occasions. «Christ has called me so many times and I feel that this may be the last. I always behaved badly, my backpack was full of sins, but that’s over,” he confessed during his retreat. Currently, Julio is the pastor of a church where he shares ministry with Héctor Delgado.

Juan Luis Guerra

One of the most beloved and famous Latin artists in the world. In the 90s, the Dominican had already achieved fame, success, money, and recognition as one of the most influential figures on the continent, but that had a negative effect on him since he did not he found the peace he wanted because of his anxiety and panic attacks.

In 1994 he had retired from music, but ten years later he returned to the stage after having taken the path of God. As Juan Luis himself recounted in an interview, after a presentation he met two preachers who spoke to him about God, something that motivated him to change his way of seeing things. From then on he began to compose songs and several albums dedicated to Christianity, managing to popularize “Las avispas”, a musical piece composed with several verses from the Bible.

Alice Cooper

How was it possible for one of the most successful and acclaimed Heavy Metal musicians to have a spiritual transformation? For those who do not know him, Alice Cooper is a benchmark in rock music and also one of the pioneers in putting on theatrical shows during concerts, all this without mentioning that he is recognized for the use of sinister-looking makeup and disturbing lyrics in his songs.

Addictions, excesses and alcoholism were present in Cooper’s life, something that managed to change radically when he converted to Christianity. “I have been reborn. Because each one of those who believe in Christ lives a new life», he confessed in an interview for the British newspaper The Sunday Times in 2001. And although he has avoided doing much publicity about this facet of his life, the singer has helped many colleagues with religious teachings.

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