Fashion 2022: These Are The 6 Trends For Next Year

Do you want to renew your closet? Read our post to know the main fashion trends 2022.

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One of the most notable differentials of fashion 2022 will be its democratization, which will allow people to get closer to the garments of the main parades and events worldwide, regardless of their physical type or size. Photo: Unsplash

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One of the most notable differentials of fashion 2022 will be its democratization, which will allow people to get closer to the garments of the main parades and events worldwide, regardless of their physical type or size. But, at the end of the day, what are the most impressive and attractive trends of the new season?

First of all, we want to tell you that the Pantone Color Institute has deliberated about the color that will mark the coming seasons: Very Peri, a slightly bluish shade of purple with the energy of purplish red. The color that has been the protagonist in the fashion shows of major brands for the Spring-Summer 2022 season such as Chanel, Tom Ford, and Versace, is positioned as a modern, stylish, and extremely versatile alternative for those who want to look like the great personalities of the artistic medium.

Even, according to the executive director of the institute, Leatrice Eiseman, the Very Peri color encourages people to adopt looks considering a wide range of tones such as lilacs, lavender, reaching intense purples. Likewise, the executive points out that the acclaimed tone for next year stands out for being lively, stimulating creativity, fostering self-confidence, and unleashing a cheerful posture.

Beyond having enchanted stylists, the color created by Pantone has reached important names on the music scene such as Dua Lipa and Lady Gaga, in the same way, that it has generated an excellent impact on fashion experts, who have confirmed it as one of the best bets for 2022. Now that you know the color trend, we will give you the most amazing fashion trends for next year.

Gothic style

According to an investigation carried out by the social network Pinterest, “Pinterest Predicts”, fashion 2022 will be marked by the reinvention of the Gothic style that in its new clothes will reach the crest of the wave to impact all ages, including fashion childish. Likewise, dark outfits will mark a presence in casual, business, and pajama looks.

Long-life to pearl and dopamine fashion

Another key point of fashion 2022 will be the pearl style, as well as the garments with pearl details. Beyond promoting a romantic air, it fits very well in the most sophisticated and elegant looks.

Regarding the dopamine trend, it includes garments with vibrant colors and a mixture of tones with the intention of generating a cheerful, trendy and not discreet look. According to the Pinterest report, the search for rainbow dresses, royal blue clothes, and dresses in gradient tones has grown. The report also notes that consumer interest in fuchsia-colored clothing and vibrantly colored outfits has increased.

The return of the fringes

The fringes have returned and with maximum force! This is excellent news for those who have pieces in their closet and were eager for the rise of this trend that reminds us of the old west. It is worth noting that the trend includes not only the famous suede fringes but also 60s style dresses and 80s garments full of glitter and glamor. Therefore, we can say that it consists of a super versatile trend, thus serving, from street style to the main red carpets of the artistic universe.

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Gloves rereading

Until recently, gloves were considered an old-fashioned accessory, something like the favorite accessory of our mothers and grandmothers to warm their hands in the cold times of the year, right? However, the brand-new fashion opinions surprise us by incorporating this type of accessory in the most attractive looks for the new seasons. In fact, the modern versions have gained vibrant and striking colors, more elegant designs, and materials appropriate to the style of the visual. It is even interesting to combine the color of these accessories with the tones of the outfits, in this way, it is possible to compose modern looks without losing the care of their harmony.

The delicacy of pastel colors

As we said before, democratization is the soul of fashion 2022. Despite the Very Peri being the sensation of the moment, other colors have come to stay -at least during next year's collections- such as neutral tones and pastels. Indeed, garments in these colors are usually romantic, delicate, and discreet at the same time that they generate an air of simplicity and spontaneity, ideal for those looking to keep up with fashion without putting aside their personal style.

In addition, pastel colors along with checkered prints, embroideries, and structured cuts are the basis of "preppy", a classic style that incorporates classic garments similar to those worn by the young people of the American elite. The name of the style was even inspired by preparatory courses, courses that students attended to prepare to enter the best universities. Would you dare to adopt it?

The low shot is back on track

Attention! If you loved the fashion of the first years of the second millennium, you are likely to jump for joy at this novelty: short shots, miniskirts, see-through, and tops are making a comeback and promise to invade the streets in the next year. So, rescue the garments from the bottom drawer of your closet and put them on standby for a few days, until the year turns and the pieces formally become trends.

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