Fashion and technology: this is the new Louis Vuitton accessory

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Creativity, design and execution are the characteristics of these new bags that were launched in the Cruiser 2020 in New York

Fashion and technology: this is the new Louis Vuitton accessory

Innovation in fashion has crossed unimaginable limits, an example are the eccentric suits of the Met Gala. Meanwhile, the luxury brand Louis Vuitton (LV) was not far behind and launched some handbags with folding screens. That's right, technology and fashion are now one.

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Canvas of the future is Louis Vuitton's new line of handbags that aims to break the limits between handbags and smartphones. For what? That would have to be asked to Nicolas Ghesquière, creative director of the brand. For now, what we can see are very fashionable handbags, so fashionable that their walls are showing images on screens with AMOLED technology, used mainly in cell phones.

In the Cruise 2020 Fashion Show, the traditional and luxurious brand shows its new collection year after year. This means that the handbags with screens will be on sale in 2020. In this case, LV's iconic handbags, Speedy and Duffle, were the protagonists because they were embedded with screens that showed videos and "retro-futuristic urban images", according to Vogue.

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The innovation not only comes with the boom of seeing a screen in the accessory, but by the fact that these fold up and curves to adapt to the shape. These screens were created by a Chinese start-up called Royole, who have already been applying this type of technology in wearables, clothes and suitcases, although they had never participated with a luxury brand. The prototypes were also launched at a technology event in Paris, Vivatech. There, Royole and LV won an innovation award.

How does it work? First, the screens are connected to the smartphone, so the owner of this innovative accessory can control what appears on the screens from his own cell phone. Although its main function is the sample of images to show off and be the envy of all, in them you can also surf the Internet. The screens, 1920×1440, are touch and are inside and outside the handbag.

It is not the first time that Louis Vuitton let us see a glimpse of the madness of incorporating television to an accessory. As Vogue recalls, in 2007, when the iPhone was being born, the brand's artistic director, who at the time was Marc Jacobs, came out in the spring 2008 fashion show carrying a briefcase with a LED screen that showed SpongeBob. Although the action had more to do with an accusation that Jacobs had been made of plagiarism and not clearly by the accessory, it could be, perhaps, a premonition of what 10 years later would come.

As the world of fashion and technology is already quite broad, haute couture has already been implementing technology in its garments and great designers have ventured to create other unique pieces. An example of how technology can be part of haute couture is the designer Hussein Chalayan, who in 2007 presented "animatronic" clothing in a fashion show. Thanks to technology, these clothes could fold on themselves, creating new shapes in the middle of the runway.

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Without going too far in time, the actress Zendaya impressed on the pink carpet of the Met Gala 2019 with her Cinderella dress. With the help of his fairy godmother, the self-proclaimed 'image architect', Law Roach, and his magic wand, the dress was lit with LED lights to make it shine.


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