Find out the app that will tell you who your twin art is

This fun tool will help you have a dynamic approach to the artistic and cultural field

This fun tool will help you have a dynamic approach to the artistic and cultural field

Get to know the app that will tell you who your twin is in art

Technology is increasingly surprising us with its innovations and advances. Google, for example, has an application where you can find your twin in works of art. This is Google Art Selfie, a tool that works just by taking a selfie and letting Google search your database for an art character with physical characteristics similar to yours. The results are not the most accurate, but it is entertaining because of the way they work.


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The application is active since 2011 as Google Art Project and later it is re-launched in 2016 with the name Google Art & Culture, as it is currently known. One of the great improvements that were made is the important expansion of content because previously this tool only had 1061 works from 17 museums. Currently, this has expanded its horizon allowing the user to access the content of 1200 museums in 70 countries.


Google Art Selfie is not a standalone application and this is why the first step in accessing this function is downloading the Google Arts & Culture application. It works with computer vision technology that is based on automatic learning. After the user takes the selfie and the tool shows the result based on a percentage of visual similarity, the person can choose the portrait that he considers most similar.

When you select it you can access information about the work of art and the artist. Google has ensured that the system does not store any of the photographs made by users, many people have speculated that it is a possible method that will be used as an algorithm to perfect their facial recognition systems. The purpose of Google is to explore and innovate more and more so that people interact and discover art in a more pleasant way.


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Google Arts & Culture has other characteristics that make it special for those who wish to have a dynamic approach to the artistic and cultural field. On the one hand, it offers the user expanded views of the great treasures of humanity, works of art. On the other hand, each user can carry out a personal collection by keeping their favorite works, with the option of sharing friends or, in the case of academics, their students.

The application allows visualization in virtual reality, guided tours online, artistic and cultural activities close to the location of each user, translator, daily summary to expand the knowledge of those who acquire the tool and art identifier. So that who makes use of this can point the camera of his device towards the works of art in a museum to obtain information of her independently of if there is or not connected to the Internet, all this in selected museums.

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Translated from: 'Conoce la app que te dirá quién es tu gemelo en el arte'

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