Five must-see fashion documentaries for every fashionista

From the Met gala to the real costs of fast fashion, these documentaries promise a global vision of the complex world of stylish dressing

Five must-see fashion documentaries for every fashionista

Fashion, without a doubt, is a subject that generates passions and strong opinions. This is due, in part, to the fact that it is a multi-billion dollar industry and that, at present, it is one of the most important worldwide. But what makes it so interesting? Explore several of its aspects, get to know its creators, its operation and get IGNORE INTO its raison d’être through these documentaries that will give you a global vision about it.

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The First Monday In May

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The opening gala of the fashion exhibition organized by the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has become one of the most popular events of the first season of the year. This event gathers within the museum facilities the most representative figures of fashion, cinema, arts and music in a charity event that seeks to raise the annual budget of the Institute of Dress. This documentary is a recount of the behind the scenes of the most famous dance of the spring, its details of organization and the events that its protagonists go through before the red carpet extends.


[youtube height=”400″ width=”600″ align=”none”]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIG2AoiHszY[/youtube]

If there is someone with an impeccable style and taste that is Iris Apfel, nicknamed the rare bird of fashion. The documentary portrays the life of this nonagenarian entrepreneur and interior designer born in the United States. Owner of a very original style based on an aesthetic that is not governed by the laws dictated season after season, Apfel is an icon of fashion. Her beginnings in the world of design, her relationship with her beloved husband, her special interest in the beautiful, her vast collection of fashion and her wise reflections on aging in the eyes of an industry as demanding as fashion are some of the topics presented by this interesting documentary of one hour and nineteen minutes.

The Secret World of Haute Couture

[youtube height=”400″ width=”600″ align=”none”]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w1Sl-X1l0Ew[/youtube]

The name “haute couture” is world famous, however there are few who really know what is referred to, and even less those who know how this world works. This British documentary, directed by Margy Kinmonth, delves IGNORE INTO the heart of the tailor-made fashion world: its clients, its designers, and even some of its best kept secrets. The documentary, which takes place between Paris, New York City, and Los Angeles, has the testimonies of some women who belong to this exclusive “club”: their experiences as shoppers, the aura of mystery that surrounds them and, even, some samples of his private collections of garments, catwalks, exclusive purchases and even measurements tests.

The True Cost

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Not everything in the world of fashion is glamor and beauty. There is a dark side of fashion, one that goes hand in hand with materialism and the promise of globalization. The fast fashion, which replaced the old system that governed the world of fashion and divided it IGNORE INTO two seasons, is today one of the threats not only environmental but also socially. The promise of jobs in Third World countries that produced garments at lower cost for countries with greater purchasing power became a time bomb that marked its outbreak when various scandals of terrible working conditions, paltry wages and irreversible damage to the environment came to the light. This documentary by director Andrew Morgan explores this phenomenon from the heart. Ninety-two minutes that will make you reconsider where, how, and why you make your purchases.


[youtube height=”400″ width=”600″ align=”none”]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bO0Gx3E3KJA&feature=youtu.be[/youtube]

In the fashion world of the nineties the figure of «L’enfant terrible» had its most vivid incarnation in the British designer Alexander McQueen. Audacious, theatrical, and enormously creative, he made all the creative norms that had existed his own, building stitch by stitch one of the largest and most successful empires of style so far. His rebellious spirit turned his brief and intense passage through the world of fashion IGNORE INTO a break that changed the history of clothing in the West forever. This recently released documentary portrays the genius from all its aspects: the wild beauty of his creations, the vivacity of his designs. It is a look at his world made of deep and restless contradictions: the beauty, the violence and the sadness of an ascent that could only be closed in the same way in which it started, quickly and unceremoniously.

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