From Morat to Natalia Lafourcade: the New Record Material of Latin American Artists

The Colombian band and the distinguished Mexican singer-songwriter join Juanes, Julieta Venegas and María Becerra, who this week will also bring news with their music. This is the new record material of Latin American artists .

Morat and Natalia Lafourcade

Photos: Morat and Natalia Lafourcade

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2022 enters its final phase, and music is no exception. Latin American artists find themselves with their sights set on the last part of the year and the next. On the horizon, the Latin Grammys appear, which will take place on November 17 at the Michelob Ultra Arena in Las Vegas. In this context, there are singers from Latin America who have produced new songs or albums or who are about to release new record material, and we must not lose track of them.

The Colombian band Morat and the Mexican Natalia Lafourcade have marveled at the release of their most recent albums, while the Colombian Paula Arenas has released a very special single. Meanwhile, Julieta Venegas is preparing to show her latest creation. Artists like the Argentine María Becerra and the Colombian Juanes will premiere new songs this week that you will surely not stop listening to.

Morat Falls in Love with "Si ayer fuera hoy"

Morat celebrates his ten-year career and has done so in a big way, after premiering his fourth studio album on November 4, called "Si ayer fuera hoy. This disc succeeds "Sobre el amor y sus efectos secundarios", "Balas perdidas" and "A dónde vamos" and is made up of twelve songs. It maintains the essence of the band, with rhythms that range from pop and country to romantic ballads and a more urban touch that brings us to the most current times of music.

The Colombians had already made several previews of this album, with songs like "Llamada Perdida", "Valen más", "506" (collaboration with Juanes) and "París" (collaboration with the Argentine rapper Duki). But his most special single was possibly "Las cometas siempre vuelan en agosto", a song that has been considered as a tribute and a vindication for Colombia and for all its current social leaders and those who preceded them throughout history. An album that confirms the great present they are going through.

"De todas las flores", the latest creation by Natalia Lafourcade

Natalia Lafourcade needs no introduction, the Mexican singer-songwriter has won 14 Latin Grammys in her career (she is the most successful woman in these awards), two Grammys and has released nine studio albums. "De todas las flores" is his most recent creation, which Lafourcade revealed last October 27 at a concert. There are 12 songs that invite reflection, that transport us to another universe during the hour and six minutes that the album lasts, and that fill a void.

"Vine solita", "De todas las flores", "Mi manera de querer" and "Caminar bonito"are the main songs of a very personal album by the Mexican, in which nature plays an important role, but it does not stop aside themes such as inclusion, femininity, the ancestral, love, lack of love, acceptance, and a process of introspection and healing. Like all Lafourcade creations, it is very likely that next year's Latin Grammys will receive endless nominations, because this latest creation is of high quality.

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Paula Arenas Invites You to Live "Un día a la vez"

The 34-year-old Colombian singer-songwriter, Paula Arenas, begins a very positive 2022. In 2021, he stood out for his EP "Mis Amores", which earned him four Latin Grammy nominations and in prestigious categories such as Song of the Year, Album of the Year and Record of the Year. To the collaboration "Puro Sentimiento", made together with his compatriot Manuel Medrano, his most recent single "Un día a vez" is added.

In "Un día a la vez", Arenas reflects on the complicated moments he has gone through during the year and highlights the importance of self-love and living each day, without getting ahead of himself. "That a day during the week is not a challenge; stand up in the morning and feel good about myself. On weekends, spend them with friends, and enjoy Monday through Sunday," emphasizes a fragment of the singer-songwriter's song, which highlights its message "Un día a la vez".

The Upcoming Premieres

For this November 10, many premieres will take over the Latin American music industry. The prominent Colombian singer-songwriter Juanes seeks to amaze with "Amores Prohibidos", which will be the first preview of his next album, scheduled to be released in 2023. Added to this premiere is that of the young Argentine singer María Becerra, who will debut a collaboration with the Spanish Pablo Alboran; "Amigos" will be the single to which both voices will give life and which will also be released on November 10 (this song will be part of Pablo Alborán's new album "La cuarta hoja", which will be published on December 2).

On November 11, the Mexican Julieta Venegas also promises to make an impact with a new album after seven years of her last album, which will be called"Tu historia". "Mismo amor", "Caminar sola", "En tu orilla" and "Te encontré" have been the advances that the singer has shown throughout the year and that will materialize this November 11 in her most recent creation.

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