Get ahead of the curve: These celebrity relationships are yet to be confirmed

Here we tell you which celebrity relationships are about to be confirmed.

Selena Gomez and Chris Evans

Many celebrities do not usually make their relationships public until after a while, when for different reasons, they decide to confirm them. Photos: IG-selenagomez, IG-chrisevans

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Many celebrities do not usually make their relationships public until after a while when for different reasons, they decide to confirm them. Thus, Kim Kardashian and Peter Davidson have not yet confirmed the rumors of their alleged romance. Like them, various actors prefer to keep their relationship out of public scrutiny as much as possible. This also happens when it comes to restarting a relationship that has already ended.

Kim Kardashian and Peter Davidson, still unconfirmed

After they were seen holding hands in broad daylight, Kim and Peter Davidson unleashed rumors of their supposed romance, after their love breakup. They have not confirmed it yet, but according to their followers on social networks, the romance between the famous heiress and Pete Davidson, Saturday Night Live comedian, is a fact.

The photo that sparked the rumors was of a trip to an amusement park in California. In the photo, they are seen holding hands on a roller coaster. However, this is not a sign of a relationship. The two met on a Saturday Night Live special. From there they developed a friendship that they have made known to their followers on social networks. At the moment, there is nothing official and both insist that they are just friends.

Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk may have resumed their romance

After the surprise caused by the separation of Bradley Cooper and model Irina Shayk in 2019, there are strong rumors of a possible rapprochement, after two years of separation. Many of his followers hint that they have already resumed their romance. These rumors are reinforced by the fact that they have spent the most recent festivities together.

The signs that the actor and the model are back together are also found in a photograph. Irina posted on her Instagram account a photo posing with a person in disguise. The followers of the former couple say that this person is the actor, because of the blue eyes. Another clue is that the couple wore this same costume in 2017. Apparently, the model has also discussed her plans to return with Bradley, but all are unconfirmed assumptions.

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Selena Gomez and Chris Evans, rumors grow

Another couple that is part of these unconfirmed romances are the artist and singer Selena Gómez and Chris Evans, recognized for giving life to Marvel's Captain America. These rumors began because the actor began to follow Selena on her Instagram account, as commented by the singer's followers. Then, early last month, the two celebrities were spotted hanging out together from a restaurant located in Los Angeles.

Channing Tatum and Zoë Kravitz, their first date

These actors met while filming the film in which Zoë makes her directorial debut, Pussy Island. In this movie, Tatum is the protagonist. Neither of the two actors has made any comment about the alleged romance they have. However, several photographers took photos of the couple, during a bike ride in New York. 

Karol G and James Rodríguez, romance in networks

Another possible romance between celebrities, is the supposed relationship between soccer player James Rodríguez and singer Karol G, who have seen each other on rare occasions. First, the player shared with his followers on Instagram a photo with the singer, in which they looked happy. This photo was the one that activated the rumor of the supposed romance.

After his last game, the player made a publication in which he received thousands of comments, including one from the singer in which he wished him a speedy recovery. Since then, they have maintained a constant exchange of comments on the publications they make. 

Other romances to be confirmed

There are other celebrity relationships that her followers hope will be confirmed. However, they are not relationships between celebrities , but with celebrities from other spheres or who are just making themselves known. This is the case of Chino Miranda, the former member of the duo Chino y Nacho, and the Venezuelan model Daymar Mora, who have hinted at a relationship, but have not confirmed it. The other romance to be confirmed is that of V, a member of BTC, with the daughter of a top South Korean businessman. However, the singer categorically denied this rumor. 

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