Guide to Finding your Ideal 2023 Series on Streaming Platforms

Need to know what to watch on streaming platforms? We give you this guide to find your ideal series according to the format, duration, and genre.

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Every day it becomes more challenging to keep up with the audiovisual news of streaming platforms. With the passing of the months, there is more oversupply of venues, and seeing the vast majority becomes complex. Many of high quality get lost among the noise of the most viewed.

That is why we created a guide of what to see this year in three duration items and by genre. Some are more aware of the premieres with short episodes for some more digestible series. Other people are more attached to the traditional format with hour-long episodes. Each recommendation refers to releases from 2023.

The Most Successful Series of the Year

HBO Max is one of the platforms with the best start to the year, thanks to “The Last of Us.” The apocalyptic horror series based on the video game of the same name was a sensation during the year. Follow the story of Joel, who must take care of Ellie and get her out of a hostile quarantine zone. Both characters will have to resist a fungus that created the pandemic and the repression of the public force.

For those closer to black comedy and gore, there is Prime Video's "Swarm." The news from Donald Glover tries to criticize 'fandoms' using a young woman obsessed with a pop artist.

"Sweet Tooth," despite having one season, this year returned to the Netflix trends with the second. Follow the story of a half-human, half-deer boy who joins a family to find the reason for his idiosyncrasy with a fantasy tale.

In action, Netflix stands out as one of the most successful releases, “The Night Agent.” This first season features an FBI agent tasked with monitoring a phone in the basement of the White House. When it finally rings, a conspiracy begins.

Short Episode Series

One of the most celebrated in the comedy-drama genre this year is "The Consultant" on Prime Video, with eight episodes that do not exceed 36 minutes. The series follows a consultant who is put in charge of a video game studio after a tragedy. The story pits a failed contractor against a businesswoman after an incident. On the other hand, in comedy, there is "Beef," with an average of 35 minutes per chapter on Netflix.

Superhero movie lovers will find fascinating material in Star+'s "Extraordinary." There are eight chapters with an average duration of 25 minutes in which the protagonist Jen, 25 years old, does not develop any superpower. However, after the age of 18, everyone should achieve it.

For drama lovers, there is “Rain Dogs,” an HBO Max series with eight short episodes that combines punk with the relationship between a mother and daughter who go through a series of frustrations.

New sitcoms also gave us something to discuss this year, such as Netflix's "The '90 Show" or the Brazilian "Sin Filtro," hosted on the same platform. Both episodes have an average of half an hour.

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The offer is enlarged for the viewer who likes series with few chapters, but each one is extensive. “Queen Charlotte,” a prequel to “Bridgerton,” is trending on Netflix with only six episodes.

Based on Kristian Corfixen's book entitled "The Nurse," the series of the same name focuses on a nurse who notices how her partner is involved in the deaths of several patients. There are only four episodes hosted on Netflix.

For horror lovers, there is "Dead Ringers," based on the eighties film by David Cronenberg. Now they are medical twins who share everything beyond the limits of ethics. Six episodes on Prime Video recreate the movie in a modern way.

Finally, the three-episode docuseries about Malaysian Airlines flight 370 that disappeared in 2014 is on Netflix. With “MH370: The Plane That Disappeared,” the event is reconstructed, and some causes are tried to be established.

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