Hair Contouring: a trend for each type of face

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Choosing the type of color for the hair taking into account the pigmentation of the skin is not enough. Now, with the hair contouring, it is possible to highlight the best of your face. Take note

Hair Contouring: a trend for each type of face

Having a sharp nose, wanting to give the sensation of having healthier skin and highlighting cheekbones since last year was possible thanks to contouring, a trend that became very popular among bloggers and celebrities. These little miracles that expanded virally and to a certain extent were imposed by the Kardashian clan from make-up tutorials, showed how to put on makeup at home and what products to use to achieve it. But that was not all. Today the trend moves from the face to the hair.

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And the way to do it is about dyes, because ultimately, what we knew as Balayage, a technique that gives the color a full effect, is now applied but not in the form of gradient, but according to the features.

From the above, the technique plays with different nuances of dyes, which according to the skin type and shape of the face, are applied in certain parts of the hair with two purposes: to make it look natural and highlighting the best of each face.

The capillary contouring Use colors to highlight face shapes. By illuminating and darkening certain parts, the illusion of different face shape is created, depending on what you want to accentuate, "stylist Nick Penna told Allure.

For this, the first step to follow is to determine the type of face, triangular, oval or square, because the idea is to "illuminate the part that is most suitable to compensate your face and give light exclusively where you need it," he said for Elle Spain Carlos Fernández, trainer and coach of Franck Provost.

Thus, once the type of face and the range of color are determined, the dye is extended and diffused so that these shades look natural and strategically located. To do this, the recommendation is to attend a beauty center, since it will be easier for a professional to achieve the desired effect.

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Types of application

Triangular face. This type of face is one that has a broad forehead and a sharp chin. In this case, it is suggested to give light to the inner area of the hair and the sides, around the one hundred and the face. Now, and according to the portal Termix, a brand specializing in hairdressing products in Spain, to soften the shape of the chin without extending the forehead, it is suggested to use darker tints on the upper part of the head areas until the height of the ears.



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Square face: It is characterized by straight and angular features, where the jaws are angular. In such cases, the hair around the face is not touched. The dye is only applied to the upper part to lengthen the face. Thus, and according to the website Sevilla.abc "dark shades are played from the root, to degrade in more luminous tones in the section that goes from the temples to the beginning of the jaw."



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Oval face. This type of face is characterized by being wide at the height of the forehead and also on the chin. In this type of case, brightness is printed on the top of the head, and the dye is clarified at the average height of the face until reaching the tips. Thus and in the words of Carlos Fernández "here we can illuminate where we want, the important thing, in this case, is to take into account the type of cut, if you wear bangs" because if the layers are too short, the illuminations should be more subtle.



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