Have You Thought About How Followers Influence Celebrities?

Influencers are not exempt from the intervention of their followers in their careers and even in their personal lives.

 Pautips and Chloe Ting

Also these celebrities can suffer the consequences of the behavior of their followers, the “price of fame”. Photos: IG-pautips, IG-chloe_t

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There is a lot of talk about the influence of internet celebrities in people's lives, especially when their effects are negative.  An example of this is the most recent viral challenge on Tik Tok: "Milk Crate challenge", which has a dangerous result. However, these celebrities can also suffer the consequences of the behavior of their followers.

How can followers influence influencers?

For many people, young or old, being an internet celebrity is a dream, as they focus on fame and the benefits it brings. However, like everything else, fame has a dark side that can be dangerous. Some followers think that admiring someone gives them the right to comment on their personal life or career, publicly showing their dissatisfaction with what they do not agree with. It can be from something as simple as exposing it in a tweet, to demonstrating on the street or directly harassing the celebrity.

Pautips and body-shaming

The Colombian influencer Pautips experienced it firsthand and a few days ago her patience reached the limit. After receiving several messages from her followers about her appearance, the beauty content creator expressed through an Instagram story her annoyance, since she has lived for years with problems with her weight due to eating disorders. This directly influenced her mental health by putting pressure on how she feels about her physical appearance, which is why she invited her followers not to comment on the body of others because of the negative effect it has on people.

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Luisito Comunica and personal space

The Mexican Luisito Comunica also suffered an unpleasant episode in his recent visit to Venezuela, where he was harassed by his followers who in a crowd suffocated him as shown by different videos on Twitter. As a result, the influencer fainted, further considering that we are still in a pandemic. The YouTuber has complained in his videos about the attitude of some of his followers. Among the causes of his annoyance are criticisms of himself and not his work, which goes beyond the professional threshold to enter the field of his personal life. He has even received criticism for his businesses such as the telephone network he has in his country. On the one hand, as a celebrity, you should be aware that meeting your followers is common. However, there must also be a limit for them, when that limit is exceeded, things like what happened in Venezuela.

Choe Ting and personal attacks

Chloe Ting is another celebrity who has reached her limit, the constant hateful messages have diminished her emotional stability. Ting creates workout videos for his followers, but it's not all thanks, as she has received harsh criticism of his content from other creators, training specialists, and followers. The YouTuber has come to contemplate the possibility of ending her career in the networks. “I have been on the edge for some time. The stress, pressure, and hatred … sometimes I just don't know if it's worth it." The big problem is not the quality of its content, which, from different points of view, could be questionable, but the way in which she has received insults, ridicule, and personal attacks.

A positive example

Just as there are numerous negative cases about the influence of followers on celebrities, there are also cases that can be considered positive. Tommiii 11 was a Chilean YouTuber barely 11 years old, one of his dreams was to be an internet celebrity, the obstacle was that he suffered from cancer and he did not know if he would have time to fulfill it. Last March his channel had just 35 followers, but the power of the network was asserted, achieving one million subscribers in one day. He managed to get his YouTube plaques for the number of followers and even got a "Best YouTuber" award. Before passing away, his channel had already achieved 8 million followers, a fact that surely positively influenced his mood. Although it has been a positive example of the influence of followers on celebrities, he was not exempt from hate messages and attacks against him, although the constant supervision of his parents kept him away from hatred on the network, to the degree of that in the last days of his life he no longer uploaded content by their decision.


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