How To Imitate the Make-Up of Euphoria

Paint yourself with darker colors, the commitment to brightness and a skin that looks extremely illuminated stand out among the most used makeup techniques in the well-known American series. Here’s a Euphoria makeup guide.

Still from the Euphoria series

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One of the series that in the last time has been one of the most demanded and consumed by the young public has been Euphoria, the well-known American adaptation of the Israeli series that bears the same name, and in which the problems and changes experienced during adolescence are captured through the characterization of its characters and the themes it addresses.

Without a doubt, one of the most outstanding aspects of the show is the makeup that different characters use. They are avant-garde, fashionable and break schemes and stereotypes that for many years they have been imposed on society.

For the same reason, in the following article we give you some suitable and accessible advice that you can replicate in order to look as good as the actors do.

Brightness cannot be missing

Shiny faces are one of the most used techniques in the series. Well, if you’re looking to repeat that, all you have to do is have a Glitter paste for the face, hair and body, as well as a shiny liquid eyeliner, which will make your face and all its parts stand out in a sober way. All this will allow you to stand out at a party.

Strong colors, without losing originality

If you want the features and expressions of your face to stand out over other aspects, then the application of strong colors without exaggeration and without losing originality can be a good opportunity. We are talking about red, blue, green and yellow tones, and this can be imitated with a lipstick of any of the colors mentioned above and a dash of face highlighter to highlight the forehead, cheekbones and eyes .

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Application of crystals

The use of stones and crystals is another trend that thanks to the series you could replicate to stand out from traditional makeup. Here the key is to have adhesives for the eyelashes, small tweezers and, of course, crystals that must be placed very carefully in the different areas of the face. To remove the stones or crystals, it is worth mentioning materials such as oil, glue remover and cotton should be available.

Telling stories through makeup

At this point it is vital to understand that with makeup the actors and actresses of Euphoria are telling a story, expressing an emotion and communicating a message.

Currently makeup creates realities, and you must be very clear about that when applying it. Play with colors, experiment with the possibilities you have at hand, understand that you can prove to be a sweet, daring, happy, sad, decipherable or mysterious person, and that can attract many looks, but above all make you feel confident because you understand how you want the world to see you and appreciate you.

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