Inside Out 2: What Other Emotions Will Pixar’s Sequel Make Us Feel?

What was a rumor has now become a reality: "Inside Out 2" will hit theaters. Here we tell you everything we know so far about this production.

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Disney's D23 Expo lived up to all expectations, and several of the announcements thrilled the company's millions of fans. As many know, Pixar has been responsible for the most recent animated films to be of total pleasure for families, and one of its most striking novelties was the confirmation of “Inside-Mind 2".

During the event, Amy Poehler, the actress who gave voice to the character of Alegría, was in charge of sharing the news with those present. Although they did not offer many details, the only thing certain is that the screenwriter Meg LeFauve and the producer Mark Nielsen will be part of the project again. Also, there is a confirmation about the inclusion of Kesley Mann in the direction, replacing Pete Docter and Ronnie del Carmen.

Likewise, the actress advanced small details that give us an idea of what new adventures we will see on this occasion. As he said, the story will be set in the mind of Riley, who is now a teenager and will have to face new emotions in her life. Regarding the release date, the only thing they assured is that it will hit theaters in early 2024.

The Success of "Inside-Mind"

Pixar is an expert at bringing anything to life. By 2015 we saw how they did it with emotions. Those who have seen the film know that the plot has psychological rigor. However, that has never been an impediment for young people and adults to enjoy it. Its premiere took place during the 68th Cannes Film Festival, and from then on it did not stop receiving quite positive reviews.

As many will remember, the story focuses on Riley, a girl who must move with her parents to another city. However, are her emotions (Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear) who play the main role here, as they try to guide her through this stage of her life. In the end, the film leaves us with a message that it is important to maintain a balance in our emotions so that everything can work properly.

The success of “Inside Out” was so great that in 2016 it won the Oscar for Best Animated Film. In addition to that, it should be added that it became one of the Pixar projects that raised the most money (more than $800 million) worldwide. Several experts agreed that it was the “biggest idea” of the study, with an original and highly moving concept.

Following this, in 2015 as well, Pixar released an animated short called "Riley's First Date" to leave the door ajar for a possible sequel. In it, we see the emotions of Riley's father and the boy who will be the date, who despite not matching at first manage to do so shortly before Riley appears. Both the short and the film are available on Disney +.

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What Can We Expect from "Inside Out 2"?

With what we know between the first movie, the short, and the announcements at the D23 Expo, "Inside Out 2" will have new challenges for a now teenage Riley. However, there is still the question of what will be the new emotions that will begin to work with Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear. Will he experience love for the first time? Heartbreak? Will we see something related to his self-esteem?

Without a doubt, the first emotion that occurs to many of us is Love. In adolescence, love plays a fundamental role in generating affection and bonding us securely with others. Given this, it is likely that Riley begins to feel that feeling for the first time, whether with the same boy who appeared in the short.

Contrary to this idea, Deception would be the ideal character to also make an appearance. Although this emotion appears when a constructed expectation is not met, it could not only be linked to a personal relationship, but also to some event. Could Riley be disappointed in her boyfriend or her parents, or perhaps in herself because she missed some goal with her hockey team?

For his part, Pride would add a special touch to the headquarters of emotions. To speak of pride in adolescence is to refer to self-esteem, a double-edged sword that can rise to a level of narcissism, or decline to the point of not valuing ourselves. So, in a possible plot twist, it would be interesting to see Riley with a more villainous style and then straighten her path through love. We'll see.

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