Is There a Double Intention in the Controversy of the Love Triangle of Feid, Anuel AA, and Karol G?

The rivalry between Anuel AA and Feid opened the discussion about whether it is instead a marketing strategy for the two.

Feid, Karol G, Anuel AA

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After his break with Yailin La Más Viral, Anuel AA has again turned his intentions towards Karol G. In this controversy, Feid, a Colombian reggaeton player presumed to be in a loving relationship with the singer, entered. While on social networks, there are crusades from the fans of the three artists, everyone bills on the lists, especially the two men.

How did the Controversy Start?

During the expectation campaign for her album, Karol G gave many hints that she could have had a love relationship with Feid. Since then, fans have believed that the two are together. Added to this was the release of "TQG," in which some verses were taken as hints to Anuel AA for coinciding with the story of that breakup.

Several weeks he has passed without the issue gaining relevance. Anuel's official break with his ex-partner came, and he began to make statements out of tone with the Colombian. On social networks, he was direct and dedicated his new single "Mejor Que Yo" to him.

The morbidity that the song generated, the dedication, and the suggestiveness in its lyrics have made it number 11 on the Spotify charts today, a couple of weeks after its release. Since then, there has been a crossroads of insinuations and insults mainly caused by Anuel AA.

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The Marketing Behind

It is no secret to anyone that Anuel AA's career suffered a slight decline that contrasted with the rise of other figures in the urban genre, such as Feid himself, Arcángel, and Eladio Carrión. Now, his role in public opinion stands out mainly for his apparent desire to want to return with Karol G and his offensive against Feid.

After the dedication of the single, Anuel AA attacked the Colombian reggaetonero with a banner that insulted him. "Fuck Ferxxo," pointed out the poster at one of his concerts, which the singer highlighted and dedicated to Feid.

The rivalry scenario is promising since the two are on tour, and depending on the periodicity in which they release albums, they would also be in said process. Feid is already closing the Nitro Jam stage with his tours, and Anuel AA has done his thing with the “LLNM2” tour.

Although not with an official response, Feid has capitalized on the rivalry. In one of his concerts, the screens focused on a banner identical to the one Anuel AA had shown insulting him in previous days. It said, "Fuck Anuel," and his audience went into euphoria while he performed "Castigo." His fans say he had nothing to do with it, while another sector says it was intentional. Feid premiered this Friday "69", his new single with Nicky Jam, in all this controversy.

Even on TikTok, an alleged fragment was leaked in which they affirm that everything is part of a strategy for the first collaboration of the two artists.

What About Karol G?

The "Bichota" has remained entirely out of the controversy without reacting to comments. For now, she is working on the logistics of her new tour as part of her album "Mañana Será Bonito."

Since the release of her album, she has only been seen active in public appearances with her participation in the Alicia Keys concert in Bogotá. The focus of his career has been moving away more and more from love speculations, from which the two men have taken advantage. It has been directed more toward collaborations with other female singers. His closest challenge will be to be the 'headliner' of the Lollapalooza poster.

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