Jacquelin Napal & Kat Emery Impacting the World With Their Art Business Model

These women entrepreneurs invite us to dismantle the idea that only large companies and large organizations can respond to social needs and contribute economically to vulnerable populations.

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From the artistic activity, these women, Jacquelin Napal and Kat Emery, have been highlighted as prominent personalities for their impact not only in the art world but also on society and the community through their company ART ANGELS.

Based in California, United States, they founded Art Angels in 2013, which has galleries in Los Angeles and Miami. Additionally, they perform art curations at Catch Restaurant and the Nobu and Eden Roc Hotels in Miami Beach. Both Jackelin and Kat assure that the idea was born out of shared love and passion for art and out of the conviction of the latent need to open up greater opportunities so that the general public could admire, share and acquire pieces in welcoming and inspiring environments.

In its galleries, you will find a variety of styles and proposals, sculptures, photographs, works in oil, and other techniques that can perfectly fit into personal, corporate, and urban spaces. This is how customers always find something that they like, that attracts them, and that meets their tastes, which has led Kat and Jacqueline's company to obtain recognition and admiration in a short time.

Not content with presenting an innovative model in the media and the great reception by the communities, artists, and businessmen, they wanted to expand the initiative by supporting the "Black Lives Matter" movement, donating 10% of the profits from their sales made in July. of 2020 to the foundations Black Girls Code and Thurgood College Fund.

This is how they deliver a clear message, ensuring, according to Jacquelin, "Whether you're big or small, find a local organization, charity or foundation that's important to you and pitch in with donations, time, spread the message and encourage others to join you in giving it back."

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The invitation then consists of starting a process or project through which you can identify something that may be related to your enterprise or company with a social and community activity to which you can link and positively impact to respond to so many and multiple local, and regional needs. or international.

It is not necessary that you have a large structure or large sums of money, or that it becomes a permanent action. You can start with a season, a sporting event, or an action directed at a particular ethnic group. Surely the remuneration will be very satisfactory and therefore the recognition and the remuneration will be positive, both personal and business, will not be long in coming.

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