Libra: the album that demonstrates the success of Lali Espósito

The Argentine artist released her new album, which shows why she is one of the most important singers in Latin America .

Still from the video clip 'Eclipse' by Lali Esposito

The Argentine artist released her new album known as Libra. / Photo: YT-Lali

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Lali Espósito is one of the artists who has grown the most in recent times. She just released her new album: Libra , which is made of 11 songs, seeking to balance all the facets of the singer, through different vocal registers and sound palettes within pop .

Her fourth album came when, according to what the medium Perfil reports, she is the "most famous Argentine in Latin America", because she managed to impress the whole world thanks to her previous music.

Libra by Lali Espósito: reinventing yourself to continue being a success

Lali Espósito's new album maintains the essence of her songs, but also brings new sounds that enrich her discography . All the tracks of this new work generate a diversity of rhythms, such as pop and fusions with reggaetón, where nothing seems to be left to chance.

The Latin American essence can be seen, for example, in one of the collaborations that occurs on the album. The singer Cazzu appears on the song Ladrón, which is a real success on social networks and managed to be number 1 in many countries. It is a clip where each one recorded their scenes separately, dancing to the rhythm of the song that combines reggaeton, trap and dembow, showing that they have a huge interest in nourishing themselves with the rhythms of our region.

However, it would not be the only collaboration on this album. One of the most interesting songs on the CD, entitled Una esquina de Madrid, was written, nothing more and nothing less than, with one of the eminences of Latin American rock: Fito Páez , who contributed his pen for a romantic and interesting lyrics.

Other artists who are present are Mau and Ricky, Camilo and Noriel, who appears on the song Pa que me quiero , another of the most interesting on the album. Precisely, Lali Espósito makes a trip to the interior of her feelings, where she sought to balance each of her facets and merge it within the different rhythms of pop, although also delving into the urban.

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This "surprising" record work implies that Lali has done a fine job not to repeat himself. The reasoning behind the name of the album is due to the fact that it is his zodiac sign, but also because he tried to find the balance after two years of composing the new songs.

In fact, one of the most interesting implications is that the artist began to use Caribbean idioms and those typical of urban music . Stopping being afraid of a single style caused a musical opening, generating a melodic game where she remains a talented pop singer, but also manages to venture into other genres.

For CMTV, this fourth studio album caused the artist to "reinvent herself" by combining different facets, such as the emotional, although the spine remains in the line of pop. In this way, Lali Espósito achieved a complete and highly polished record work, which manages to elevate her even more within the success of Latin American music.

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