“Like Water for Chocolate”, New HBO Series Based on the Novel by Laura Esquivel

HBO will make a television adaptation in series format of Laura Esquivel's acclaimed novel, "Like Water for Chocolate." We tell you everything that is known so far .

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The novel "Like water for chocolate", by the Mexican Laura Esquivel, will have its version in an original HBO series, as announced this Wednesday by this audiovisual platform.

"Like water for chocolate": the book and the movie

Esquivel's novel, published in 1989, is translated into more than 30 languages and was already adapted to film in 1992 , becoming one of the most successful Latin American films, directed by Mexican Alfonso Arau.

A Latin American production for HBO

The original HBO production already began filming in Mexico this week , according to the source, under the direction of Julián de Tavira and Ana Lorena Pérez Ríos and with the performances of Irene Azuela ("Quemar las naves"), Azul Guaita ("Mi marido tiene familia"), Ari Brickman ("Sr. Ávila" and "Asesino del olvido"), Ana Valeria Becerril ("Las Bravas"), Andrea Chaparro ("Encontró lo que buscaba?"), Andrés Baida ("Los elegidos"), Ángeles Cruz ("Cappadocia") and Louis David Horné ("La negociadora").

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This project "brings together all the elements that as content creators we aspire to have in a story: a powerful plot that immerses us in a universe as particular as that of Latin American magical realism, deeply rooted in our culture, made in conjunction with great creators and local talent, with an enormous projection to travel globally and developed with the seal of quality that characterizes HBO," said Mariano César, of Warner Bros Discovery.

The protagonists are Tita de la Garza and Pedro Muzquiz, a couple of lovers who cannot be together due to deep-rooted family customs, which will force Tita to move between the destiny dictated by her family and the fight for her love, while living in its greatest refuge, the kitchen.

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