Mank: the film that bets on winning the Oscars

David Fincher's film managed to captivate critics and specialized audiences, through a very careful story

Still from the trailer for the movie 'Mank'

‘Mank’ tries to explore the story behind one of the most iconic movies in history: Citizen Kane. / Photo: YT / Netflix

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This year is really atypical for the film industry. Due to the pandemic, many of the premiers had to be interrupted, canceled or diverted to streaming platforms. We could see this with Mank: the new David Fincher film that is now available on Netflix.

The filmmaker is considered one of the best directors of recent times. Through works such as Se7en, Zodiac or The Fight Club, he proved to have enormous audiovisual storytelling power, something that was also seen in this film, which had a 90% approval rating from critics on the Tomatazos specialized portal.

Knowing that the Oscars of 2021 will have a reduced number of films, due to the low number of premieres that existed this year, it should not surprise us that Mank can be one of the favorites to win the highest award. So we decided to review why this film by David Fincher lives up to the great Hollywood.

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Mank's cinematic quality

Mank explores the story behind one of the most iconic films in history: Citizen Kane. We are talking about a film that is considered a cinematic landmark.

This film, directed by Orson Wells, was scripted by a rather eccentric personality: Herman Mankiewicz, a talented film professional who will be the protagonist of this work. The actor? A very talented Gary Oldman, who manages to capture the different feelings that one of the most important personalities in the history of cinema had.

It is precisely a film that collects the best of David Fincher's technical prowess. Set in the 40s of Hollywood, the staging generates an incredible realization, where all the details are excellently taken care of. The use of black and white is justified since it seeks to reference the best of a "golden" past for the industry.

Mank stands as a love letter to Hollywood, which also explains why Citizen Kane was considered the work that allowed the passage from classical cinema to modern cinema. From the script, the play uses flashbacks in a completely successful way, making a beautiful analogy with the film by Orson Wells, which was the first to change the structure in which things are told in a film.

David Fincher's 11th work explains how Mankiewicz wrote the first draft of the script for this film, a job he did in exchange for $ 10,000. At the same time, some of this person's problems are perfectly portrayed: moodiness, alcohol addiction and even a self-destructive spirit, all embodied by a masterful performance.

The photography is excellently cared for, as each shot is designed to pay tribute to the best Hollywood works of that time. Precisely, in HobbyConsolas they indicate that it is a film "for moviegoers", which will allow us to know the history of the golden age of Hollywood, with the operation of a system that could put aside such famous personalities as this screenwriter.

Let us remember that this is a time when the great studios, known as majors, decided who were the right ones to act, direct or write a play. Therefore, despite the commercial success they had at that time, the truth is that it was an industry that excluded all people who did not fit the stereotypes raised.

Perhaps that is why the newspaper El Periódico considers it to be the "great favorite" for the 2021 Oscars. In a year characterized by a decline in the film industry due to the coronavirus, it is always good to remember Hollywood's golden moments, with its lights and shadows, through a fabulous direction and a script that pays tribute to the best times of cinema.

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