Meet the artist who applies augmented reality in his works of art

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LatinAmerican Post interviewed the Mexican artist who uses augmented reality in his works, knows the details here

Meet the artist who applies augmented reality in his works of art

Leer en español: Conoce al artista que aplica la realidad aumentada en sus obras de arte

From Mexico City, LatinAmerican Post had the opportunity to interview the Mexican artist Neon Caron who tells us his story of how he has innovated in art through augmented reality. Next, what he told us.

LatinAmerican Post: Where did the idea of augmented reality come from?

Neon Caron: Before discovering I was an artist, I was working as a director of new business, I was working for ten years. More or less in 2008, I was sent to Chicago to a technology fair for points of sale and I knew the augmented reality, since I saw it my brain flew, I could not stop thinking about all the things that I wanted to put augmented reality. I saw a painting and I was imagining what I could put to that painting.

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When I thought about applying it to art, it did not seem so farfetched to me because who has an appetite for art is already a very specific segment of the world population, in my opinion. And a work of art is already considered high-end, we could say. Since I knew the tool it made me very logical to think of it as a solution so that the work has a kind of soul, that can only be seen through this tool. From 2008 to 2015, which was when I took out my application, there is a huge gap in time which proves that things are not immediate. The things that we want to do and that we dream to achieve, are not achieved from one day to the next, we have to wait, learn, know, risk and sacrifice. That is a personal reminder for my constant, that things can be done but with a lot of work.

It was a long way in which, until the iPhones came out, I opened a small window of hope, I said "ok, I'll be able to do something without having to spend millions of money" that I did not have. It was impossible, unless you're selling a 20 million dollar chart.

And well, since I opened this little window, this opportunity to start making an application for iOS, to learn how to do it and to verify it and accept Apple because it was another gap of three or three and a half years, so It was like the idea was born.



Una publicación compartida de NEON CARON (@neon_caron) el


LP: Have you painted before?

NC: I grew up in a bohemian environment, my dad painted and my mom painted. The first painting that I sold was my eight years or something like that. I was always motivated to paint and draw.

I did not pursue the race since I was little, because there was a personal fear that I was doing things wrong, I am color blind, so they always bothered me with painting things upside down. Another reason was because he had a false idea of what success was, he did not think it possible that he would find it in the arts. But behind the money making relationships, I realized that I was having a very important personal vacuum and I did not feel full.

I sent all the rest to the scrubbing and I took the risk, parallel to the development of the application, I decided to learn to paint. Happiness is in doing what you are passionate about, what you like, what makes you feel creative and then here I am.

LP: What message do you want to convey with your works?

NC: What I try to do when I paint is to connect with my inner child. The people who buy my art, usually connect with that same longing with the one I connect when I paint.

And on the other hand, when a cartoon is animated, it makes much more sense to animate this one than a plant or landscape. Although I want to make landscapes for animation but it's the same. I feel that the artistic career has a development like the human, I feel that I am in my childhood, I am still a child as an artist, to continue exploring things as an infant I find interesting.



Una publicación compartida de NEON CARON (@neon_caron) el

LP: What inspires you?

NC: I'm inspired by a lot of things in particular.

At this time in my life being a dad and being able to provoke reactions in my daughter through art is something that moves me and inspires me a lot.


Una publicación compartida de NEON CARON (@neon_caron) el

LP: What projects are you currently in? What are your future plans?

NC: The most remarkable project I'm working on right now is in the adaptation of my new studio, which is already in the heart of Mexico City in Colonia Roma. It will literally be a dream factory for me and for many other people with whom I will be working through the foundation and through the artistic residencies that I intend to do. It is going to be an extremely creative space that will return you to Colonia Roma and Mexico City an extremely playful and creative space.

The foundation is called Luz Neon and basically speaks a little of my history, I try to connect with children and young people who are in a situation of vulnerability to help them through the institutions with which they are already being supported, channeling a little with those organizations and have an approach through art to have a more dignified human development.

I had never done philanthropy before, so that project is going to be interesting.


Una publicación compartida de NEON CARON (@neon_caron) el


LatinAmerican Post | Ana María Aray Mariño

Translated from "Conoce al artista que aplica la realidad aumentada en sus obras de arte"

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