Met Gala 2023: Celebration and Tribute to Karl Lagerfeld

Hundreds of celebrities were noticed in a new version of the Met Gala, which also has controversy, as usual.

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With the controversial figure of designer Karl Lagerfeld as the theme of this year's tribute and theme, a new edition of the Met Gala was held. The most striking fashion event had the contrast of extravagance in its highest expression and the basics in some outfits. In the end, the limelight was taken by someone who broke in without an invitation.

"What are you wearing?" a reporter asked a cockroach that crawled onto the walkway leading into the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Hours later, it was reported by Variety that the cockroach was trampled to death during the now not so glamorous fashion event. It was the highlight of the night.

However, the cockroach was not the only one that had a surprise appearance at the Met Gala. Rapper A$AP Rocky camouflaged himself among fans looking for a photo with celebrities. Wearing a hoodie to go unnoticed, he jumped over the security fence to the surprise of those present, revealed his identity, received a briefcase and continued on his way to the event. However, everyone was still on the lookout for the arrival of their partner, who always usually does it at the last minute.

The most outstanding

Without a doubt, cats stole the limelight at the Met Gala. On the one hand, there was Doja Cat, who never got out of character. With rigorous makeup, she tried to embody Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld's most beloved cat. During the interviews, she limited himself to responding with hesitant meows to public opinion.

On the other hand, Jared Leto encapsulated the expectation behind his outfit. Just as Doja Cat accomplished her mission with makeup and a dress, he recreated Choupette on a grand scale. It took several minutes of anxiety for him to discover his identity behind the giant disguise.

Another take on the cat theme was Lil Nas X, who conveyed the look of a crystallized cat in a silver outfit and makeup. The rapper also opted for meows to offer statements to the press. Despite the invitation, Choupette was not present at the Met Gala.

Like last year, Rihanna was present around the clock in a white dress adorned with a cluster of white roses and the company of her partner. On the other hand, Nicole Kidman wore an outfit that Lagerfeld designed for her 20 years ago.

The big news of the night was given by Serena Williams. The tennis legend is expecting another baby with her partner Alexis Ohanian, according to statements she offered to Vogue. Following the sport's line, basketball player Britney Griner made her appearance on the catwalk after spending several months in prison by the Russian government. She had been caught for carrying less than a gram of cannabis oil.

The reflectors were attentive to the arrival of celebrities such as Billie Eilish; Florence Pugh with her shaved head; Pedro Pascal in shorts and overcoat; or Janelle Monae volumizing a classic Lagerfeld look; Bad Bunny also opted for white roses and Maluma paid homage to Lagerfeld's photographic work.

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Lagerfield tribute controversy

The famous designer and fashion icon who passed away in 2019 was the center and soul of the night. Days before, many celebrities complained about the issue, since during his life he made offensive comments against overweight people and criticized the 'Me Too' movement.

For example, plus-size model Precious Lee highlighted just one thing about Karl Lagerfield's designs. "They are seductive and timeless," she said, concluding: "I'm fat, always have been, always will be."

Lee's hint was not the only criticism leveled against this tribute. The organization for the rights and safety of models, Model Alliance, held a protest. “The choice to honor Lagerfeld embodies the dissonance of an industry that claims to be progressive and celebrates 'body positivity' … but reveres figures without acknowledging their regressive stances,” Sara Ziff, founder of Model Alliance, told Jezebel.

In addition to the representatives of the Model Alliance, the protest in the vicinity of the Met Gala was joined by models, designers, the ambassador of L'Oreal Nidhi Sunil and even Senator Brad Hoylman-Siegel.

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