#MeToo takes the screens

Learn all about these two productions that address this issue and that are trending in the awards season.

Still of the trailer for the series 'The Morning Show'.

Still of the trailer for the series ‘The Morning Show’. / Photo: youtube.com/Apple TV

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Almost three years after the #MeToo hashtag viral trend, the movement has changed in different ways; It has been criticized and many of its points have been reevaluated.

During this season awards, two productions have sounded, one for movie theaters and another for television, related to the subject. In both, we can see the entertainment and mass media industry taking a look at themselves with the pretense of making an x-ray of the sexual scandals that unleashed the #MeToo movement and about the culture and work environment that in a certain measure allowed and silenced the violent behavior of so many. Here everything about them.



This film was released in the United States in December. Starring Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, and Margot Robbie, Bombshell is based on the true story of the sex scandal that surrounded Fox News founder Roger Ailes.

The film is far from revolving around the now deceased media executive; On the contrary, it gives prominence to women who accused him of sexual abuse at work. Since it was co-written by one of the writers of The Big Short, this film has a comic and light tone that does not detract from the issue it addresses but does try to make the story entertaining. His interpretation of Megyn Kelly earned him an Oscar nomination for Charlize Theron.

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The morning show

In this case, the #MeToo is on the small screen. This is the AppleTV series that is sweeping. Very popular in the Golden Globes for its many nominations, The Morning Show tells the fictional story of the host of the most-watched morning news show in the United States that runs out of companion after her colleague over 15 years was fired for inappropriate sexual behavior

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A self-critical dramatic series of the #MeToo movement and its wave of accusations while vindicating and giving strength to the women protagonists whose voices want to be heard. It also has a stellar cast: Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carrel star in this excellent series that takes a look not only at those accused of Me Too but also at the work environment and culture around celebrities who has always been complicit of this type of behavior.

These two productions come with a firm step to the time when the low presence of women among the winners and nominees outside the screen is criticized again (for best director, for example). They are stories of brave women told by women. Both must-see and already available in Latin America.

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