Moon Knight: All You Should Know About the New Marvel Superhero

Moon Knight will be the next UCM character with his own series. Who is it? Which actor will play him? Where can you see it? Know all the details!

Moon Knight Character

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues its expansion by leaps and bounds, and by 2022 we will have the opportunity to see new characters that will give a lot to talk about. Until recently, the formula was to introduce them in movies, but with the intention of further detailing their plots, Marvel began to bet on series. In this way, Moon Knight will become the next Disney + bet.

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The character was created by writer Doug Moench and artist Don Perlin, making his first appearance in the 1975 “Werewolf by Night” comic. Beneath the Moon Knight suit is Marc Spector, a mercenary who, while on the verge of death, was found by the Egyptian god of the moon, Khonshu. This god saved Spector in exchange for being his avatar on earth. From there, Spector was given superhuman abilities and also created two other alter egos (Steven Grant and Jake Lockley) due to his dissociative identity disorder.

It is worth noting that Spector is an expert in close combat and martial arts, as well as being skilled with a variety of thrown weapons. His superpowers are due to Khonshu and depending on the lunar cycle they increase. Likewise, Moon Knight wears a silver-white suit that includes adamantium and a variety of high-tech weaponry, ranging from Iron Man-style remote-controlled devices and Hawkeye-like duplication artifacts.

What will the Moon Knight of the UCM be like?

The first trailer for “Moon Knight” shows us that this story will be darker and more twisted than some of the previous ones in the MCU. In fact, not a minor fact is that said preview has become the most liked of a Marvel series on YouTube, reaching over a million likes and far surpassing Hawkeye (915k), Wandavisión (760k) and Loki (615k), up to the date of writing this article.

For this occasion we will meet Steven Grant, who, instead of being the billionaire from the comics, will be a normal man who works at the British Museum, and who also suffers from insomnia and hallucinations that lead him to think that he is going crazy. The mystery will grow when he is called Marc (referring to Marc Spector), something that could indicate that he also has memory problems and may not remember who he really is.

The series created by Jeremy Slater and directed by Mohamed Diab will show a kind of origin story of Moon Knight in the MCU, where we will see Steven’s upheavals and memories as he becomes a superhero and tries to uncover a mystery related to the gods of Egypt. The production will arrive on March 30 on the Disney + platform.

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Latin America again in the UCM

As it begins to be usual, the Latin American representation continues to be present in the UCM. Not long ago, the Mexican Salma Hayek led the Eternals, and now the leading role is for Oscar Isaac. The Guatemalan already knows what it’s like to work with Marvel, because in 2016 he played En Sabah Nur, a villain in the film “X-Men: Apocalypse.” Six years later, the Central American returns to become Moon Knight, an antihero who promises to please more than one.

Next to Isaac will be Ethan Hawke, who will be the main villain of the plot: Arthur Harrow. He is a scientist specialized in the theory of pain who experimented with humans in Nazi concentration camps. However, since he is not such a great character in the comics, theories say that he will be a mix with Sun King, another enemy of Moon Knight who has pyrokinetic powers and is also the leader of a sect.

Finally, the cast will also feature actor Gaspard Ulliel (who died on January 19), whose character is an expert thief under the alias of Midnight Man. May Calamawy would be playing Marlene Alraune, Moon’s romantic relationship Knight, though Marvel hasn’t confirmed it yet.

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