Motherhood is trending! Pregnant women take over Rihanna’s fashion show

Two pregnant models participated in Rihanna's SavagexFenty fashion show, with which the singer tries to make fashion a more inclusive place

Motherhood is trending! Pregnant women take over Rihanna's fashion show

During pregnancy, the woman usually has to change her wardrobe. This can be a cumbersome activity, so many choose to simply wear loose clothing, larger sizes and loose fit. However, there is no reason for women to stop feeling attractive and comfortable at the same time during pregnancy. Many brands offer manufactured lingerie with the same dedication and delicacy as other underwear and are designed for pregnant women.

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SavagexFenty by Rihanna

On the runway of September 12 at the closing of the New York Fashion Week, Rihanna launched the Fall / Winter collection of her lingerie line SavagexFenty. At first, it seemed that it would be a runway like any other, but the singer had prepared a show that went out of the ordinary. Thus, after the first models appeared on the runway showing the collection, others left the back of the stage making movements closer to contemporary dance and performance than to the conventional march of the catwalk.

All this took place in a scenario that simulated a tropical jungle, in which the models twisted and put themselves in strange positions to show the versatility of the garments. The concept of the collection is that any woman, of any size or skin color, feels comfortable and safe in the garments designed by the singer. The idea is to show that there are sensuality and attractiveness in all women and that none should hide their body.



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Among the models on the catwalk were two pregnant women. One of them is a dancer who was part of the choreography and who wore a garment with a deep neckline that went to her belly. The other is the model and friend of Rihanna, Slick Woods, who gave birth hours after the parade.

The singer told Access magazine that she had included pregnant models in the launch of her collection and in the lingerie designs because the parade "was a celebration of femininity and no woman should be left out of this, much less because she is going to give to light. " Thus, the singer's line pretends to be inclusive in all senses and pretends that even pregnant women do not stop feeling attractive and proud of their body.



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Al: This is the Latin American stamp at the New York Fashion Week

Because it is important?

The lingerie aims to celebrate femininity and highlight it in some way. This is why it must be diverse, because there are many feminities and ways of being a woman. Although being a mother is not the only one, it is one of these forms. In this sense, if one wants to highlight femininity, then motherhood should also be celebrated. There are very few brands that use different models in their shows, and seeing themselves on the catwalks can make women identify with the models they see on the screen.

This identification can land more and more fashion and we find more accessible the clothes that models parade in the weeks of fashion. Thus, the average woman will be able to feel more and more proud of her body, because she sees that she is a source of pride on the catwalk.

Many brands of lingerie offer options for pregnant women but do not usually wear them or model them, pregnant models. Why deny this condition of femininity? Lingerie seeks to exalt women and their attractions, and pregnancy is undoubtedly a feminine condition (again, not the only one, but an undeniable one). Rihanna, then, invites pregnant women to take pride in their body and not stop feeling attractive and comfortable.



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On September 17, a few days after the show and her friend gave birth, Rihanna posted on Instagram a letter that Woods wrote for her in this month's issue of the magazine Allure in which she thanked him for "making the inclusion outside cool. " Thus, this initiative of the singer creates a more inclusive environment in fashion. It is not until we see pregnant models on the catwalks that we realize that they had been excluded from female fashion. Rihanna shows that it is time to include them and make collections of women for women.


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Other initiatives

According to the Fashionista portal, other brands are embracing the rise of what they call "pregnancy chic". Although many celebrities such as Beyoncé or Cardi B have proudly shown their pregnancy, the truth is that on the catwalk we have seen them very rarely. One of those few was in the fashion show of another New York Fashion Week brand Eckaus Latta, in which a pregnant model who wore a dress that exposed her belly paraded. We have also seen them in brand campaigns such as Opening Ceremony or Glossier. However, as the aforementioned means: "the runways, in general, could use a little more realistic and that certainly includes representations of motherhood."



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Latin American Post | Juliana Rodríguez Pabón

Translated from:'¡La maternidad esta de moda! Embarazadas desfilan en la pasarela de Rihanna1

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