Más Que Una Mujer by Caitlin Moran

And face issues such as the hated chores at home, changes in their sexual life, and the endless crises of adolescent daughters or the different image that the mirror shows as time passes makes its influence clear.

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Age seems to be an issue that has generated many headaches for women historically speaking. I remember that the grandmothers advised the female members of the family never to say their real age and they considered it disrespectful to ask a woman how old she is.

Many of us in our 20s perhaps thought reaching our 30s was terrifying and our 40s seemed like an avalanche of terror approaching by leaps and bounds.

Test passed! Today the demands of women throughout the world and so many women leaders who work for the good of humanity have changed our minds. How old we do not define us, but our actions do, the challenges we take on, the struggles we face, the work we do, and who we help. We, women, have been finding the strength to say NO when we decide that we don't like a job or someone toxic hurts us and say yes when we feel we made the right decision or we want that person in our lives and we bravely assume the consequences of mistakes.

It is a reality that is portrayed by the pen of the 48-year-old British writer, journalist, and screenwriter Catherine Elizabeth "Caitlin" Moran, in the pages of her book MORE THAN A WOMAN written with the author's bitingness that, in more than 300 pages, addresses the challenges of women who have overcome more than 4 decades of life where domestic tasks that weigh like a piano on their shoulders, the differences between men and women in hours of sexual arousal, the crises of daughters in the complicated racking of adolescence or the changes in the female body, once firm and now a bit melancholic when remembering old times and he even tells us what that relationship is like with an elderly dad and mom.

MORE THAN A WOMAN is the second part of her feminist work HOW TO BE A WOMAN published in the United Kingdom in 2011, where she spoke, from a feminist perspective to a younger Caitlin Moran addressing controversial topics such as abortion, beauty, family, and couple relationships.

It's nice to spend time with the controversial writer of MORE THAN A WOMAN and get to know her way of seeing the world in depth. Caitlin Moran began her journey through letters at the age of 13 and has ventured into the media as a presenter of music programs on British television.

Taking her childhood in a humble home as a reference, she created Raised by Wolves, a comedy series that she shared with UK viewers since December 2013. A year later the BBC included her in its list of influential women in Great Britain. Today Caitlin combines her literary work with that of a columnist for The Times and Saturday magazine. Her work has earned her several awards from the British press.

Is it worth reading? Of course! In MORE THAN A WOMAN, Caitlin Moran is funny, scathing, and, as always, highly controversial.

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