“Nadie sabe lo que va a pasar mañana”: This is Bad Bunny’s new album

Have you heard "Nadie sabe lo que va a pasar mañana"? Here we tell you everything about Bad Bunny's new album .

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Starting today at 6 in the morning, Bad Bunny's new album is available on all platforms. This is "Nadie sabe lo que va a pasar mañana", a much more experimental new work that is closer to the beginnings of Bad Bunny.

Much was expected from this new album by the pop singer. With a short but accelerated career, Bad Bunny has already gone through several musical genres. Although he is a reggaeton player at heart, his first songs were not very party-oriented; they were hits, but not club hits.

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His evolution has gone through trap, a more beachy reggaeton, a heavier one and a more party-oriented one. In recent years, when his popularity has surpassed that of Anglo-Saxon artists, he has ventured more directly into pop. Finally, like many other Latin American stars, he had fallen into the Mexican regional; the most recent success among musical genres in Spanish.

What's new in "Nadie sabe lo que va a pasar mañana"?

"Nadie sabe lo que va a pasar mañana", his new album, is made up of 22 songs. We already know from before that Benito likes long albums. This particular one lasts one hour and 21 minutes.

The most innovative thing about this album is that it has almost no "perreo". It is a mostly trap album with some electronic and experimental details. Bad Bunny is clearly at a stage in his career where he can, with confidence, do whatever he wants.

Bad Bunny had already announced that his next album would be his most personal. And so it was: their songs have a kind of confessional tone. Already at the top, Bad Bunny can sing about what he thinks and feels.

"Nadie sabe lo que va a pasar mañana" is signed by Bad Bunny/Benito, which gives clues to how much the reggaeton singer wants to let us see about himself.

Without a doubt, Benito likes to surprise. He announced his new album just four days in advance, decided to record everything in Spanish and the preview he gave us in advance was "Un preview", the only reggaeton on the album.

So he not only does what he wants with his music but with the industry: and successfully. This year he became the first Latin artist to headline Coachella and surpassed world-class artists such as Taylor Swift and Beyoncé in views on platforms.

Now, with an album that gives us exactly the opposite that we would expect from him, Bad Bunny shows us that breaking the rules can work in our favor.

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