Netflix releases for April you can’t miss

As is usual at the end of the month, we bring our recommendations for April.

Frame from the trailer 'The Paper House: Part 4' and 'The Willoughby Brothers'.

We tell you what the premieres are for this month on the streaming platform. / Photos: youtube.com/Netflix Latin America

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April is coming and it will probably be a month in which we will have to be locked up. The lists of recommendations for movies and series to watch online on different streaming platforms are endless. Although it is an opportunity to revisit old productions or to resume the series that you have been postponing for so long, it is also a chance to stay updated with the premieres of the most successful streaming platform of all. That is why we bring you this list of April premieres that you should have on the radar to be in tune with the trends imposed by the streaming giant. Here are our recommendations.


Money Heist, Part 4

Release date: April 3

Genre: Series, suspense, police

Netflix Official Synopsis: More than one life is in danger. The Professor's plan begins to crumble, and the team faces enemies both inside and outside the Bank of Spain.



Release date: April 1

Genre: Series, comedy, sitcom

Synopsis: This series is about Greendale State University and a group of students who seems random but all see the same class: Spanish, comes to Netflix for the first time. A Fox classic now on the streaming platform.


The Intern

Release date: April 1

Genre: Movie, comedy, entrepreneurship

Netflix official synopsis: Who said life ends when you retire? For Ben, at 70, a new adventure begins. And for his young boss too. A young entrepreneur (Anne Hathaway) and a retired man and widower (Robert DeNiro), will start an unexpected friendship.



Release date: April 17

Genre: Series, comedy, sitcom

Netflix Official Synopsis: With new money and expensive tastes, Kenya Barris and her family navigate success and explore the struggles of being rich and black without worries.

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Brews brothers

Release date: April 10

Genre: Series, comedy, sitcom

Netflix Official Synopsis: Two rival brothers must cooperate to keep their brewery afloat, but their ruses constantly ferment chaos in the business.


Howl's moving castle

Release date: April 1

Genre: Movie, anime, fantasy

Netflix Official Synopsis: Sophie is a teenager who works at a hat shop in a town like many, but her life takes a complete turn when a witch transforms her into an old woman.


The Willoughby Brothers

Release date: April 22

Genre: Movie, animated, comedy

Netflix Official Synopsis: Their parents left them with a babysitter and a bunch of old-fashioned values. Modern world, here we go! Animated film with Ricky Gervais as executive producer.



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