New Season of “The Crown”: What Will Change After the Death of Queen Elizabeth II?

Fate Wanted Carlos to be King During the Installment of the Season of "The Crown" in Which he is Most Criticized. What Treatment will Netflix give the Series After the Death of Queen Elizabeth II?

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The trailer for the fifth season of "The Crown" is very suggestive and plays with its narrative to tell the most controversial period of the reign of Elizabeth II. The foreground uses the fire that Windsor Castle had in 1992 to leave a message between the lines about the state of the monarchy in the 1990s. Not for nothing, the first image that was known from the series was a crack in the walls of Buckingham Palace.

For this installment, there will be an important change in the cast that includes Imelda Staunton as Elizabeth II, Dominic West as Carlos or Elizabeth Debicki as Diana among the main cast. The fifth season of "The Crown" will arrive on Netflix on November 9.

What has been the reaction to the trailer?

After the death of Elizabeth II in September, the call not to trivialize the events represented in the series has become widespread. Some columnists have expressed concern about how some events are fictionalized or exaggerated, although Netflix has been clear that "The Crown" is a drama based on true events.

In fact, politicians like John Major have shown their discontent with the series. From his office, they criticized one of the scenes in which Carlos supposedly spoke with him to pressure the abdication of Elizabeth II. "Discussions between the monarchy and the prime minister are entirely private and – for Sir John – will always remain so," the politician's spokesman said.

Other people are simply excited to have one more installment of the series in a context that will surely attract too many viewers. Since the death of Elizabeth II, "The Crown" has had a revulsion between those who revisit the production for the moment or nostalgia, and those who have been interested in the monarchy as a result of the media coverage of her death.

What position will Netflix take with the death of Elizabeth II?

Although it seems late to change the intention of the speech of "The Crown", Peter Morgan, writer and creator of the series, has declared his position regarding the world of the monarchy. When the queen died, he asked that the shooting of the sixth season of the production be suspended out of respect for Elizabeth II.

At the time, Morgan declared that the series was "a love letter" for Elizabeth II despite the fact that sources close to the crown indicate that there is discontent with "The Crown". The truth is that it is already too late to try to make amends for any type of damage that the series could have caused to the crown, since the fifth season was shot and produced before the death of the queen and the sixth was being shot during the days of her death. The only thing they could do from Netflix is to warn the fictionalized moments of the series that do not have true support.

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What events will we see in the fifth season?

According to the images that Netflix has been releasing, most of the facts have Diana as their axis. First, there is Diana's explosive interview with BBC Panorama, where she denounced the lack of support from the crown and Carlos's infidelity with Camila. Precisely, Dominic West revealed that they will refer to the "Tampongate" episode, when the audio of a sexual call between Carlos and Camila was leaked.

The episode of Diana wearing the "Revenge Dress" will also be seen, which she wore the day Carlos opened up his relationship with Camila. Other keys that have been observed is the treatment of the scandals carried out by Prince Adrew, the economic crisis due to the recession that the United Kingdom experienced in the nineties and the secret relationship that Diana had with Dr. Hasnat Khan.

Apparently, the cycle of this season will culminate with the accident that caused the death of Diana. This death has been talked about from many points of view and it will be crucial to see if the series' staff treats it according to official reports or will go the most sensational way.

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