“No Time To Die”: The Goodbye Of Daniel Craig’s James Bond

"No Time To Die" is a successful closing for one of the best characters in film history

Frame from the film 'No time to die'

Daniel Craig became an international star because of this role, but also because of the large format that all these adaptations had. Photo: Universal Studios

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James Bond is one of the most acclaimed characters in movie history. Especially the adaptation of actor Daniel Craig, who played the agent 5 times. The first of them, with the acclaimed "Casino Royale", perhaps one of the best spy movies of all history.

When it was announced that "No Time to Die" would be the last time we would see this actor playing the character, many fans were shocked. Mainly because Daniel Craig became an international star due to this role, but also because of the format of the adaptations in which Craig participated.

"No Time To Die" is the finishing touch to a story full of action, suspense, and emotions. Even to the point of becoming one of the best adaptations in the history of Agent 007.

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The success of "No time to die"

Directed by Cary Fukunaga, Without Time to Die is clear about its purpose: to give a solid and emotional closure to the best saga related to this character. Adaptation with Daniel Craig has existed for fifteen years.

"Casino Royale" was a real success, to the point of being considered by many fans as the best James Bond story in all of history. This managed to be a true representation of the essence of the iconic agent, although with a much darker and more somber style.

"No Time to Die" is the last character movie in which Craig will appear, but the character will not die, but will be played by someone else (maybe a woman?).

As for the film, mainly, the first 30 minutes stand out, which function as a kind of prologue for the end. Therefore, we will be glued to our seats to understand the tension of all actions. All this, of course, after the credits scene where famous singer Billie Eilish sings.

The movie lasts almost three hours. However, at no point does the tape become heavy. On the contrary: there is a good rhythm and the production feels balanced. To this, we must add that Craig's performance has many emotional facets, which make us empathize with the protagonist.

For example, the dramatic charge increases in several plots of the story, to the point that we learn dark aspects of his personality. Even those related to his past after the affair he had with Vesper Lynd. In addition, the script has strength and takes care of even the smallest details.

Fans of the original adventures will also be fascinated by this new adaptation. All the classic objects of the protagonist are more present than ever, which is why the luxury aspect, related to cars or special objects, will be taken to maximum power.

In visual terms, we are witnessing, perhaps, one of the best photography directions in the history of the saga. The director is able to narrate different action scenes with a great aesthetic sense, so everything feels natural and epic at the same time.

Without a doubt, "No Time To Die" is the perfect ending that one of the most iconic characters in history deserved. If you are a fan of these adventures, you will probably experience endless emotions and understand why it is one of the best adaptations of the mythical Agent 007. Do not miss it!

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