On and Off YouTube: MrBeast and More Successful Youtubers in Business

MrBeast Caused Chaos by Opening a Branch of his Burger Chain. Like him, many Youtubers have been Forging Themselves as Great Entrepreneurs. Which Have been the ones that have Best Capitalized on their YouTube Fame?

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Thousands of MrBeast fans stormed the opening of the first physical location of his burger franchise in a New Jersey mall. His fans packed the venue, and he set the record for most burgers sold in 24 hours after just a couple of days of opening.

Although MrBeast Burger had been open since December 2020, it was operating virtually. Back then, several restaurants had been closed due to the pandemic lockdown. The content creator saw at the time an opportunity to fill a certain need by selling burgers online from ghost kitchens and it has been a massive achievement.

MrBeast went from making videos in which he paid people money to complete challenges to opening restaurant franchises. And it's not the only one. There are several youtubers who have transcended from the platform to the most coveted lists of the economic media with their alternative businesses. Here are the most notable.

Spanish-speaking business youtubers

In the world of plastic arts, Antonio García Villarán knew how to find a niche and take advantage of it in various ways. In addition to his art criticism on YouTube, he has dabbled in NFT's. Last year, the Spanish launched the “Cryptoarte 131313” line, which sold each copy of 13 different NFTs for 13 euros, and it did very well. He has also monetized his painting classes with Udemy, and sells books and works virtually.

Another case is that of Yuya, who launched her makeup line in 2019 after an alliance with Republic Cosmetics. All the products in their line are animal cruelty free. In the past, he had already had collaborations with Sedal and Cyzone. He also came to the publishing world with two books that were bestsellers: "Los secretos de Yuya" and "Las confesiones de Yuya".

The Latin American YouTuber who has best diversified his business is Luisito Comunica. It started with Rey Palomo, a clothing brand that works digitally. He then entered the world of telecommunications with PilloFon, a mobile phone company. His emporium has Gran Malo tequila; and in terms of gastronomy, it has restaurants with Japanese and Peruvian food, in addition to Fasfú, its fast food chain in several Latin American countries.

In Colombia, the youtuber who has shown the most skills as a multifaceted businesswoman is Luisa Fernanda W. She started with videos and later her popularity grew like foam. In addition to being an actress and singer, she stands out as an entrepreneur of Divva, a line of cosmetics. He also opened the Mexican restaurant called El Rancho MX. His last foray was in the technology sector with BFF Famoso, an application that seeks greater interaction between celebrities and their fans.

Juanpa Zurita, Los Polinesios or el Rubius are some of the other important figures on YouTube who have excelled in business due to their wide popularity on the social network.

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Youtuber entrepreneurs in the United States and Europe

Jake and Logan Paul have been building their financial empire since they started making YouTube videos. Both started with vlogs, but the popularity has taken them through different paths such as music and television. In Jake's case, he was engaged to Team 10, an agency for content creators. You are now immersed in the world of betting with Betr. On the other hand, Logan has dabbled in NFT's with 99 Originals and has a refreshing drink called Prime.

The Paul brothers are also active with boxing and have starred in important evenings. In fact, Logan would have received about 20 million dollars in one night after fighting former boxer Floyd Mayweather.

Another successful youtuber with her finances is Zoella. The English woman started making videos in 2009 about fashion, beauty and vlogs. In 2014, she made the leap to the publishing world with her novel “Girl Online”. From this bestseller, he amassed a relevant fame in Europe. She then launched her line of cosmetics, Zoella Beauty, which has been very successful in the UK. His estimated wealth is around 5 million euros.

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