OPINION:Role of Women in Plastic Arts

On World Art Day, we could mention many women who since ancient times have made their way in music, dance, photography, and many aesthetic expressions through which they have marked history to this day.

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Reviewing documents, books, and stories, it is found that, in ancient times, the works made by women were attributed at that time to men, their parents, or husbands, in such a way that their names did not appear in the art pieces or sculptures.

Only until the nineteenth century, thanks to photography, artists' and liberal societies welcomed illustrators, painters, and photographers in traditionally male-only circles. On the other hand, master painters open the possibility for women to attend their studies.

Later currents such as impressionism, surrealism provided the opportunity for talented women to participate and be visible. In the twentieth century the opportunities for women artists to have their own exhibitions arrived and in the sixties, despite prejudices and difficulties, there was an interesting movement that allowed them to have their own spaces with their exhibitions and samples.


There are names of prominent women throughout history that we can mention: the painters Frida Kahlo and Yayoi Kusama, the sculptor Camille Claudel, the writer and illustrator Beatrix Potter, the exponent of the Art Deco style Tamara de Lempicka, the representative of the modernist school Georgia O`Keeffe, the impressionist artist Helen Frankenthaler, the sculptor Louise Burgeois, the plastic representative Leonora Carrington, the artist who made Russian folk art known Natalia Goncharova, Berthe Morisot, who was the first woman to join the impressionist movement, Mary Cassat, who promoted Impressionism in the United States.

Today, in the portal Latam Art under the direction of Trudy Pizano, we find several artists who have a career that is worth highlighting and capturing from The Woman Post we invite you to review their works, pictorial proposals, and their personal stamp in the profiles that we stand out for containing a different, novel proposal, by mixing music with painting, sculpture, performance, lights, and color, in such a way that they make projects and fusions attractive to the viewer come true.

-The sculptor Pascuala Ramírez who fuses her pieces with piece and architecture.

Martha Cecilia Vergara, who accompanies her pieces with classical musical works.

Mariana Gómez, whose work reflects themes about the female body, rituals, fears, and challenges.

Magali Reales, whose works and performances fuse dance, light, and color and generate a unique sensory experience in the viewer.

This is how artistic expressions currently have prominent representatives whose works are exhibited in museums and major exhibitions worldwide, highlighting the relevance that they have always had in different times and moments of humanity.

The female role in Art, and in this case, aesthetic expressions thus carry a clear message of autonomy, freedom, and their own personal brand that will continue to evolve and unquestionably relevant.

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