Oscars Special: ‘Sound of metal’, a reflection on loss

The film Sound of Metal, nominated for an Oscar in six categories, has an outstanding participation of Latinos, who led the film to compete for Best Sound.

Still from the movie 'Sound of metal'.

Sound of Metal is one of the feature films that received the most nominations at the Oscars, with a total of six. Photo: YT-Amazon Prime Video

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Sound of Metal is one of the feature films that received the most nominations at the Oscar Awards, with a total of six. It came in behind Mank, which is nominated in 10 categories out of 35. Sound of Metal is nominated for Best Sound thanks to the exquisite work of Mexicans Jaime Baksht, Michelle Couttolenc and Carlos Cortés, who have also won the Ariel Award. They will compete against stories such as News of the World, Mank and Greyhound.

The probabilities of winning the award are very high as it is the second film with more nominations, some of Jaime Baksht's statements show his optimism about this, some of his phrases were:

“Expectativas si tenemos, más nos vale querer, soy muy positivo al respecto y creo que es posible ganar el Oscar, porque tenemos referencias previas que nos indican que sí se puede, son dos premiaciones: La primera es el CAS (Cinema Audio Society Awards) y la segunda son los premios de la Motion Picture Sound Editors (MPSE)”.

“En el CAS solo hay cinco películas nominadas y Sound of Metal es una de ellas. En el caso de MPSE, la película aparece entre sus tres categorías. Además, estamos nominados a los premios Baffa. Una de nuestras rivales más fuerte es News of the World: la película de Paul Greengrass está nominada en las mismas premiaciones que nosotros” agregó.



Sound of Metal features actors such as Olivia Cooke, Riz Ahmed and Paul Raci, guided by the direction of Darius Marder. They have also been nominated in other categories: Best Actor for Riz Ahmed, Best Supporting Actor for Paul Raci, Best Editing and Best Original Screenplay.

What is it about?

Sound of Metal tells the story of a drummer, Ruben, who must stop playing because his hearing begins to fail. This affects the musician financially, because with his limitation he can not generate income with music and begins to lose the lifestyle he knew so far. Faced with this situation, Lou, Ruben's girlfriend, decides to stop playing with him, which generates friction, problems between the couple and for the musician's life.

The protagonist, finding himself involved in a situation he does not want, decides to take a path in search of a solution to his problems before they get worse. However, doctors tell him that he will not be able to recover his hearing even with an expensive implant, which will lead Rubén to decide whether to join people with the same hearing disability or risk continuing to play and make music.

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Where to watch it?

There is an option to watch it through streaming from the comfort of your home. For this, the best option is Prime Video, which has two modalities: purchase or rental of the platform or with a subscription on Amazon. Prime Video subscription is US$ 3 /Month, with a 30-day free trial.

Our review

The film is interesting, it deals with a different subject with a common problem and a clear choice: the American deaf community and the insertion towards that way of life is the initial theme of the film, it also leads us to a deep reflection on loss and acceptance through the story of a musician who is losing his hearing. It is a film with a clear and precise script, with a good performances and a story that forces the viewer to think at the end of the film.

In addition to having an excellent work by Jaime Baksht and Michelle Couttolenc, which is not the first time they work together since they did the musicalization of Laberinto del Fauno, vuelven, Museo, Apocalypto and La 4º compañía; which guarantees us a musical setting of excellent quality and professionalism. Couttolenc is also the first Mexican sound engineer who has had the honor of reaching the Oscars, "there are few women mixing films, but she is one of the best," said Baksht.

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