Ready for the Estereo Picnic Festival? Read These Recommendations

A few hours before the start of the Estereo Picnic Festival, we leave a list of recommendations for festival attendees.

Picnic Stereo Festival

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With Twenty One Pilots, Drake, The Chemical Brothers and Billie Eilish for 'headliners', a new edition of the Estereo Picnic Festival will take place with the novelty of an extra day from March 23 to 26 at the Briceño 18 Golf Course. Among the attendees, there are regulars and new ones at a national and international level.

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For this reason, it is important to be clear about the basics of the FEP, which this year will have four stages, a space dedicated to DJs and another in which a play by the Fuerza Bruta company will be presented. There will also be other experiences offered by the brands that sponsor the event. Here, we leave the recommendations so that you have the best experience.

What to wear?

Generally, what is prohibited includes any type of weapons, cigarettes, soccer jerseys (unless they are from national teams), professional camera equipment, instruments, inflatable items, or food and beverages. Among what can be taken are backpacks, picnic blankets, costumes and empty thermoses.

How to dress?

The event tends to have rainy weather. In fact, the last edition was the only one in which it did not rain on any of the three days. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid the use of cloth or white shoes. Also, try to wear comfortable shoes, since the transfers between stages are long.

In addition, it is essential that you bring a tent or waterproof coats. Also try to bring a comfortable bag such as a small bag, fanny pack or not very large briefcases to store belongings.

Although the outfit has become a crucial part of the experience that each person wants to have at the festival, it is recommended to go as light as possible. The use of sunscreen or a cap is important, since shaded spaces are scarce.

And the budget?

Like the previous edition, this year the 'cashless' system will be handled with the handles. That is, no purchase within the festival can be made with cash or credit cards. What can be done is recharge the handles with any type of payment. It is also worth calculating more or less how much you plan to spend.

Generally, the fast foods that are sold within the festival range from 20,000 pesos (4 or 5 dollars) to 70,000 pesos (15 dollars) or a little more. The drinks would be from 10 thousand pesos (2 or 3 dollars) and up, depending on the alcoholic beverage.

The recommended budget per day is a minimum of 60,000 pesos (10 dollars) for food expenses within the festival, but it may vary depending on the drinks you want to consume. There will also be a sale of clothing and products from numerous businesses that will have a space there.

Keep hydrated

With regard to water, the entry of liquids is not possible. What can be entered are plastic containers to fill them inside the festival.

There will be a safe space called Oasis, which will have a vital minimum of water for people who require it, but liquid will also be sold in the other food and drink stalls. Oasis is an initiative to have a safe party, so "Échele Cabeza" will also be there to make recommendations on the consumption of psychoactive substances and where you can analyze what you consume.

How to get?

The most conventional way to arrive and return is by means of the official bus transport offered by the festival. In Bogota there are three starting and finishing points (District Planetarium, Maloka and Carulla Alhambra). However, there are a couple of alternative options to fix this item at the festival.

An easy way to get there from Bogotá is to take the Transmilenio to the Portal Norte and there each person can take the bus directly to Briceño, which leaves passengers at the FEP entrance. For the return, this option is only possible after 4:30 in the morning, which is when the fleets begin to leave for Bogotá to the portal, which opens at 4:30 in the morning.

The other individual options are the use of cars with a rate of 30,000 pesos (7 dollars) for motorcycles and 60,000 pesos (13 dollars) for cars. There is also the possibility of using the chosen driver and another type of informal or private transport that you can hire.

Ultimately, our final recommendation is that you have a safe party, stay hydrated and well-fed; and enjoy one of the biggest festivals in Latin America.

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