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Acclaimed singer Tina Turner's latest book is an honest account of her spiritual journey and how it has helped create joy in her life.

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The singer reveals in "Happiness Becomes You" chapter by chapter, what helped her become one of the most influential musical figures of the 20th century. The book is called "Happiness Makes You: A Guide to Changing Your Life Forever" and includes a powerful mantra to inspire readers to find happiness within themselves as well.

"Happiness becomes you" is not about generating more money or success. It is about embodying the emotion of happiness and having joy from within without the need for anything external.

Tina Turner is a very successful singer, dancer, and actress. In one of her previous books called "My Love Story", she reveals that her husband, Ike Turner, physically and emotionally abused her. After attempting suicide and losing the meaning of her life, the artist added an aspect of spirituality, became a Buddhist, and began to recover from the past.

She also talks about the benefits of repeating the mantra in her book for several hours a day. In the book, she shares how she would dedicate many hours to him because she was going through a difficult time in her life.

Tina began to meditate to break the karma and all the toxic patterns that were consuming her abusive and unhealthy relationship with her husband. Another big topic that she talks about is the ten worlds and how humans interact with them.

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She argues that we can be in different emotions in different states, and these are the worlds. When you are in a particular emotional state, you are in a specific world, and simply by changing and using the mantra, you can come out of any of these states. In this way, its vibratory frequency is modified and thus accesses higher forms.

The 10 worlds are hell, hunger, animality, anger, tranquility, heaven, learning, realization, bodhisattva, and Buddhahood, which is the highest. She also talks in her book about how spirituality is a place of unconditional love.

While Tina Turner has struggled with toxicity and negative energy throughout her life, in "Happiness Becomes You", she talks about karma being a reflection of what is inside our subconscious mind. For her, karma is a reflection of what goes on inside her.

If we heal this from our subconscious mind, we will drift away from a pattern. She clarifies that it is our job and responsibility to work on our energy and subconscious mind to release negative things.

Whatever you have experienced in your life, you can go ahead and get it out of your being. After a long journey of healing, Tina now shares with her readers how they can do it themselves using Buddhist knowledge and wisdom.

In this book, she will teach you to deprogram what you have learned to install a form of happiness beyond your logic. According to her, the external world has taught you external forms of joy, but looking inward, you will truly experience how to find happiness by embodying a state of the universe.

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