Review of Harry Potter 20 Anniversary: Return To Hogwarts

We bring you the review of Harry Potter 20th anniversary: Return to Hogwarts, the HBO production that celebrates the 20 years of the first film.

Still from Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Special: Return to Hogwarts

In this article we bring you the review with all the details of the return to Hogwarts. Photo: YT-HBO Max

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As part of the celebration for the 20th anniversary of the first film, the streaming platform HBO Max brought together the protagonists, directors and part of the cast to take a tour of one of the most successful sagas of recent years: Harry Potter.

Without a doubt, one of the most anticipated releases of 2022. In this article we bring you the review with all the details of the return to Hogwarts.

The absence of the writer JK Rowling

Let's start this review with one of the most notable absences from HBO Max's Harry Potter special. We talk about its author JK Rowling. Not only is she the mind behind of the books of this successful saga, but Rowling was also a fundamental part of the filmmaking process, as well as the choice of cast and creative process. Although they used files in which they rescue some comments from the writer and are mentioned a couple of times, their absence is very notable. Much has been said about the reasons why she did not participate in this special, it is not known for sure what the causes were. However, her presence is a fundamental part of the history of the films and she was needed.

"The boy who survived"

Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint return to the most famous school of witchcraft and wizardry of all time: Hogwarts. In a tour of the recording sets and the participation of part of the cast such as Tom Felton, Matthew Lewis, Ralph Fiennes, Helena Bonham Carter, Roddie Coltrane, Gary Oldman, among many others, as well as directors and producers, the special took a little less than two hours long, it makes a chronological journey through the eight films between anecdotes, memories and everything that made them part of the Harry Potter universe.

The first few minutes let us see the importance and impact of the books by the writer JK Rowling, which became a worldwide success and gave rise to the saga of films about "the boy who survived." The audition process and how the leads landed their roles outline the production's effort to take care of every detail.

Chris Columbus, director of the first two films in the series, remembers how difficult it was to get the leads, but it was the on-set chemistry of the Harry, Ron and Hermione interpreters that made them ideal for the trio we all know today. In addition, they show us the early years of the children's cast, what the recordings were like on the set and the way in which the more adult actors overwhelmed them stands out, who, without account, interacted with renowned actors. A Gary Oldman being paternalistic with a young Daniel Radcliffe thus transcending the reality from the screen.

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The maturity of the characters

We know that throughout the eight Harry Potter films, the children's characters grew on the set. In the special they show us how this whole process was. The characters and the story grew along with the actors and the stages in which they lived . Emma Watson confesses to having been in love with actor Tom Felton. Radcliffe also wrote Helena Bonham Carter a letter hinting that he liked her. However, they all agree that from this stage of their lives a brotherhood arose and they all see themselves as one big family. Being the kisses between the youthful characters scenes very difficult for them, since they saw themselves as brothers. Like the case of Emma Watson when kissing the character of Rupert Grint. The British actress confessed that she couldn't do it and it was truly uncomfortable for both of them.

The emotional tribute

The most emotional moments were when they remembered those actors who participated in Harry Potter but who would have already passed away. Remembering Richard Harris who played the principal of Hogwarts school in the first films. Also, Uncle Vernom who was played by actor Richard Griffiths. The iconic character of Severus Snape played by Alan Rickman who passed away on January 14, 2016, curiously this actor was the only one of the entire cast to know what would happen to his character from the beginning of the saga. Finally, Helen McCrory, who played Malfoy's mom. To name a few. All these characters very loved by the cast, a fundamental part of the films and to whom they paid a small tribute.

The return of Hogwarts is, without a doubt, an emotional gift for those fans who were gaining friendships and falling in love while they became adults. The iconic magician who survived the attack of the one who "should not be named" is still present in the collective of people and this special made us remember all that magic again. It has left us wanting to see the adaptation of "Harry Potter and the Cursed Legacy" with this same cast on the big screen. After all this time? We know that the Harry Potter legacy will remain ALWAYS.

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