Rosalía Shined in Latam With the MOTOMAMI World Tour

With two dates remaining (Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic), Rosalía is completing one of the most successful tours of the year in Latin America.


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"MOTOMAMI" more than an album has been the event of the year in the Spanish-speaking music industry. Rosalía has managed to capture the attention of her audience and detractors with each song, video clip or trend she creates. That is why the 'MOTOMAMI World Tour' has not gone unnoticed in any of the countries she has visited.

Review of her tour in Latin America

After an extensive tour in Spain, Rosalía began her journey through Latin America in Mexico. It was the only country that managed to have three Spanish dates. In Mexico City they said goodbye to her with a "Rosalía, sister, you are already Mexican", after earning the credit and affection of the attendees.

Her affection in the region started on the right foot to the point that she took home dozens of stuffed animals of Dr. Simi, image of the most important pharmacy in Mexico, which has become a symbol of the country's idiosyncrasy today.

Then came the show in Sao Paulo (Brazil). Her presentation before almost ten thousand attendees will be remembered for the political content it had. When it was time for 'Abcdefg', the attendees transformed the letter F's “Flux Aeon” into “Fora Bolsonaro (Bolsonaro Out)”, against the Brazilian president.

In Argentina, Rosalía had one of the most emotional moments after breaking down in tears when remembering her first tour in the country with 'El Mal Querer'. In addition, the political intervention continued, since the Spanish woman put on a green scarf in favor of the legalization of abortion, and with this she gave credit to Argentina as one of the Latin American countries in which the green tide had the most influence in favor of this cause.

More than 15,000 people received her in Santiago and among the gifts she had one that caught her attention, the roguish Indian, an important figure in Chilean culture who played with the concept of her song 'Hentai'. 

Her last stop was in Bogotá, where she toured various tourist sites and gave pandebono a chance. It is worth remembering that in Brazil Rosalía had already been delighted with another similar dough, such as the pao de queijo. "I would eat the whole bag, if not because I have to sing all night," she said at the Movistar Arena in the Colombian capital.

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Tour impact

Rosalía's staging was always announced by the purring of motorcycles, which are protagonists in the concept of her latest album. Despite extensive stage management with complex choreography, Rosalía was always impeccable in each presentation. Not even the altitude of Bogotá dampened her spirits.

Its brand with 'MOTOMAMI' not only has it as the main representative of motorcycles today, but it has migrated to fashion. Her retro wardrobe has made several brands give prevalence to leather textures with 90s knee-high boots or 80s biker jackets.

The play of lights and visuals on each stage was to the delight of the public, who knew how to immortalize every moment with the "motomami" in action. Just like her last album, the repertoire that Rosalía performed was full of contrasts and tributes. Daddy Yankee, La Factoría or Shakira were some of the stars to whom the Spanish woman paid tribute on the different stages. On the other hand, while performing various flamenco pieces or ballads on her grand piano, she knew when to turn up the energy with some reggaeton, pop or merengue.

In the absence of the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, Rosalía has had one of the most important tours she has had this year. There were more than 57 thousand attendees in Mexico, almost 10 thousand in Brazil, just over 60 thousand in Argentina, 16 thousand in Chile and 14 thousand in Colombia with all the events sold out. 

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