Saida Ortiz Serrano invites us to be “Amazing Women”

The “Mujeres  Asombrosas" book has come into my hands, which is one of the wonderful elements that can be discovered on the path of empowerment and acquisition of much-needed skills for any woman.

María Claudia Londoño D

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The book, whose author is the Colombian Saida Ortiz Serrano, contains the history, trajectory, and impact of 52 women who have left an inspiring mark and impact on any business model. She tells The Woman Post: “We conceived this book together with Juan Carlos Lancheros, a man allied with gender equality, and we decided that in this adventure we would make a beautiful, challenging journey".

And that is why we invited a group of wonderful professionals, with whom we designed this experience to make the Book “Mujeres Asombrosas”, which would allow us to travel through time and space. The roads will allow us to move between centuries to meet many of the most influential women in this land that we love so much. Women who inspire us and who were all influencers in their time.

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It was difficult to decide on 52 women because we have many amazing women, Colombians from different regions, from different trades, professions, occupations, pioneers, scientists, politicians, athletes, artists, and social leaders, they show us that they have stood out for their actions and for the changes they have generated. and of course, as the daughter and son of amazing women, Juan Carlos has wanted to tell the story of his grandmother and I have wanted to tell the story of my mother, because we know that through the stories of each of these women, we will open doors and windows of this rich universe so that any girl and/or woman is motivated to pursue their dreams no matter what they are, this path of Amazing Women is the letter of invitation for us to create better routes, better realities together.

At the end of the book, there will be a space for reflection on our dreams. We have a space to describe and draw in the final part of the book, what we want to be, the job or trade we want to do, our purpose, and how we can achieve it”.

On the website https://mujeresasombrosas.co/ you can request the physical book and the digital version to enjoy these stories and share it with those girls, young women, and women with whom, by sharing your reading, they will surely have a wonderful experience seeing their little faces full of wonder, curiosity and, why not, inspiration to move forward with their dreams and aspirations. It can even be a spectacular gift for someone special!

And it is that, as leading women, we must look for opportunities to exercise our role as Role Models and transmit passion, conviction, resilience, and courage that are surely common elements to all these women in the book and others who have probably crossed our path and, that, thanks to them, we have been able to achieve many of the achievements and recognitions at a personal, social, cultural and professional level.

But the book is only a key to the doorknob that you can get. Elements and modules for personal and business coaching, a business incubator, and an academy with options for skill development are also available, such as:

•          Creativity

•          Critical thinking

•          Assertive communication

•          Resilience

•          Proactivity

•          Perseverance

It is quite a super powerful package to become an amazing woman!

In such a way I encourage you to join the network of entrepreneurs of “Mujeres Asombrosas”, publicize your business idea, and acquire elements that will help you make it a reality.

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